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Knowing what supplies you have, when you bought them, for how much, and unit price; is all

very important to figure out your costs of goods sold.

You can notice patterns of prices to save you money, and you know how many of each supply you have to determine what you need.

I’ve found that an easy way to inventory jewelry supplies is to put them in plastic baggies with a paper label inside the bag. So I designed these labels to be small, and fit all the info I needed.

I keep an Excel sheet of all my supplies listed with all it’s info {usually copied from the invoice}.

I assign each supply an item number for easier tracking.

I plan to keep a hard copy version in a binder separated by my supply accounts- working on this, will post more later.

Now on to good stuff, what you came here for…

How to take Inventory of your supplies

Step 1: List the things you need to sort & choose how to store the items

example= Jewelry supplies- findings, beads, chain…

I chose to store each jewelry supply in a baggie with a paper label inside.

Step 2: Decide how to identify the items

Give your supplies an inventory item number.

I made a list and added abbreviations to identify each supply type.

Here’s a Word document of how i identify my supply inventory

Step 3: Decide how to label items

You could make your own labels.

Or you can use these $2 labels I created, buy them here

Here’s how my labels look in use


Step 4: Divide and conquer!

Taking inventory of all your supplies is a huge job.

So you need to break the job done into do-able groups. Like one drawer, or box, or bag at a time.

In fact it took me 14 days {a couple hours here and there} to label and sort all my jewelry supplies. I had beads and such that I bought back in 2009!

It helped that I was watching my favorite anime, Fairy Tail, while sorting and counting!

Now go get some labels and start sorting your jewelry and craft supplies!!!

Take Inventory-small info

Earlier this year I had gotten a serger, and started to dive into the world of sewing. One thing I noticed is that I wished I had both my sewing machine and serger next to each other.
Since my “studio” is also my bedroom, I’m limited on space. But I’ve gotten very good at fitting things in where I can.

So this last payday I took $46.46 out of the fifty I had left after bills to get me a table! The table is $34 but with taxes and shipping it came to $46.46.
Here’s a link to the 5foot folding table I got from

I bought a craft cart from Target that has 7 drawers. The drawers pullout and has a lid to open (helps from losing stuff. I’m also using as a nightstand at the head of my bed.

I labeled the drawers by type of supplies.
1. Findings
2. stringing material
3. pendants
4. connectors and charms
5. Pearls, gemstones, and crystals
6. glass
7. other (like wood, etc)

Here’s some pix on how it looks in action:

by my bed

findings drawer open
I use ziplock bags to sort within the drawers.
also use little bags and labels the beads etc come with to sort them.

That’s how I sort my supplies.
Share how you sort your supplies (any kind). I could also use more organization tips!

On Sunday me and my dad tackled the task of making a dry erase board from a glass picture frame. Sadly we had to improvise as we didn’t have a staple gun so we used trusty duct tape. So although my board is not fancy it’ll do the job for now.

First removed the hanging hardware. then (not pictured) dad helped me remove all the paper, 2 layers of staples, and removed glass from inner frame.

Cushioned the glass with a towel on the desk, on front side of glass drew the grid and words with dry erase. Turned it over traced everything on to the back with permanent marker. Missed the errors, should have cleaned w/ nail polish remover. and should have cleaned back side of glass first, oops.

Then dad helped me put it back together- he helped because he was worried that the glass would break. then since no staple gun, we used the force! I mean duct tape, lol.

Here it is all mounted on Wednesday. Had to pick up the anchor bolts.

I’ve been looking for ideas on how to make a big calendar/message board.
It needs to be big enough for dad to read, but still fit on the wall.

I looked online for diy dry erase boards. I considered dry erase paint, shower board, Plexiglas, and finally chose glass for my medium. I chose glass because its easy to clean, don’t have to worry about staining/ghosting, and I have it on hand.

I’m planning to follow the tutorial I found on “Living My Life On Purpose“.

here’s the frame and poster board:

I’ll keep the owl for later.

Will work on it this Sunday, and hope to hang it by the end of the week.
Need to get some drywall anchorsfor hanging it up, and dry erase markers.