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I was inspired by the many “teachers toolbox” on Pinterest.
if you find you have too many supplies here’s another toolbox option.

I bought this organizer at Home depot. My local store had it for $19.96 and tax.


Home depot had it for $19.96
Walmart has it for $17.88
Amazon has it for 25

Now I’m not a teacher, but I have office supplies. Just not as many as I thought.


The toolbox i bought had a lot of extra plastic on the drawer edges that I trimmed with scissors.


Most writing utensils will fit in the big drawers at an angle, sadly.

Sharpie permanent markers, dry erase markers, pens all at an angle.
Highlighters fit great.

It would be awesome if Stack-on would make their drawer sets just 1 inch deeper, then everything would fit great, and you could fit more.

I’ll do a makeover to prettify the drawers, and get more supplies later, I know I have more hiding in the nooks and crannies.