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Knowing what supplies you have, when you bought them, for how much, and unit price; is all

very important to figure out your costs of goods sold.

You can notice patterns of prices to save you money, and you know how many of each supply you have to determine what you need.

I’ve found that an easy way to inventory jewelry supplies is to put them in plastic baggies with a paper label inside the bag. So I designed these labels to be small, and fit all the info I needed.

I keep an Excel sheet of all my supplies listed with all it’s info {usually copied from the invoice}.

I assign each supply an item number for easier tracking.

I plan to keep a hard copy version in a binder separated by my supply accounts- working on this, will post more later.

Now on to good stuff, what you came here for…

How to take Inventory of your supplies

Step 1: List the things you need to sort & choose how to store the items

example= Jewelry supplies- findings, beads, chain…

I chose to store each jewelry supply in a baggie with a paper label inside.

Step 2: Decide how to identify the items

Give your supplies an inventory item number.

I made a list and added abbreviations to identify each supply type.

Here’s a Word document of how i identify my supply inventory

Step 3: Decide how to label items

You could make your own labels.

Or you can use these $2 labels I created, buy them here

Here’s how my labels look in use


Step 4: Divide and conquer!

Taking inventory of all your supplies is a huge job.

So you need to break the job done into do-able groups. Like one drawer, or box, or bag at a time.

In fact it took me 14 days {a couple hours here and there} to label and sort all my jewelry supplies. I had beads and such that I bought back in 2009!

It helped that I was watching my favorite anime, Fairy Tail, while sorting and counting!

Now go get some labels and start sorting your jewelry and craft supplies!!!

Take Inventory-small info

I wanted a way to organize various food containers- such as left over containers, snack cups, empty bottles and jars I’ll reuse, etc. So I went on amazon and bought some Sterilite 16248006 Ultra Basket with Titanium Inserts, White, 6-Pack.

It was a six pack but only four fit on the shelf, I did put the “Misc” basket on the bottom shelf later.

09-22-12 -- 011

Before labeling

09-25-12 -- 006

09-25-12 -- 004

Shop Planner – hard copies of everything in case computer breaks
is a binder with division pages.

page protector- with mailed bank statement and invoices from suppliers so far, that correspond.
put in a new page protector for each bank statement, monthly.

Promos and Packaging
printed hard copies of bracelet card, earring bag toppers, necklace tags I’m using for fair price tags.
later will include hard copy of business bookmarks, twitter cards, and any other promo items i print like brochures.
also a page protector just in case- good for keeping a copy of business card, moo cards, etc.

print outs of etsy product pages.
back will include material information, labor info, and selling info- when it sold to whom; and other stats like number of item hearts and views.
also note any price changes i did.

Custom Work
none yet, but maybe one day.

Always a good idea to keep a hard copy list of suppliers.
included flyers from some suppliers also.

Shop Design
currently empty but thought i should include.

a page for each fair with contact info, location, note when i went and how well i did, any other notes about the experiance.
also include any papers from them- like flyers.
for me currently empty but hope to do at least one someday.

we all use heartomatic and google analytics.
fgured i might want to print some of the info later.

A blank tab with paper and empty page protectors for when i need them.

Bookmarks in Firefox – Im working on reorganizing these.
I have a lot of bookmarks!

LizsWares folder on computer
still perfecting this.

Excel sheet/sheets
I made The Creative Notebook, it’s a manual input excel sheet that has worked for me so far.

How do you organize your Etsy World? Do you have a shop planner?