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Display Your Recent Pinterest Content In Your Blog’s Sidebar

This will provide a great way for your followers to see what you’ve pinned recently.


How to embed pins from Pinterest to a blog post on your blog!

Source: via Liz on Pinterest


Great little tripod for product photography for macro shots.

I set up my photo box on a table and put my camera on this tripod. Works great.

There’s a little knob that you turn to put the screw into the bottom of most cameras.

What I like about this tripod compared to my old one is that I don’t have to turn the camera in a circle to screw it on, just the knob.

Source: via Liz on Pinterest



This is the photo box aka “light box” that I use for my product photography.

This very affordable (about $36 when I bought it) light box has worked great for photographing my jewelry.

If you need to photograph purses or anything bigger it might not work because there wouldn’t be enough ‘white space’ around the item. A purse fills about half the cubic footage.

But for any items smaller than a purse (ie. jewelry, knick knacks, etc) this works great!

How to Add a Pinterest Pin It button for your blog tutorial

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Follow the picture link to my pin which leads you to the tutorial on backing up your firefox bookmarks.