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Portable Rechargeable Android Speaker w/ Stereo Drivers & Universal 3.5mm Audio Cable for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops , MP3 Players, and More Devices – Gogroove Pal Bot

What it is:
Portable Rechargeable Android Speaker w/ Stereo Drivers & Universal 3.5mm Audio Cable for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops , MP3 Players, and More Devices – Gogroove Pal Bot

Details {quoted from the product page}:
Based off Google’s Android character, aka the Bugdroid, the GOgroove Pal Bot Sound System features a universal design that is compatible with ANY & ALL devices equipped with a 3.5mm audio port. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
Boasting an impressive range of sound, the Pal Bot has two Dual Drive stereo speakers that are paired with a Passive Subwoofer on the bottom of the speaker for an extra powerful audio experience.
Equipped with a long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium polymer battery, the speaker can handle up to 6 hours of use per charge with continuous audio playback at maximum output. At lower volumes, the speaker can last as long as 24 hours or more.
Compact and portable construction lets you take the Pal Bot anywhere with ease. Design also features movable arms and glowing LED eyes that indicate the current battery status. As an extra quality guarantee , the Pal Bot also comes with a free 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
TECH SPECS – Speakers: (2W x 2) 4W RMS; 8W Peak / Power Input: DC 5V USB / Lithium Battery: 850 mAh / Audio Input: 3.5mm audio plug / Cable Length: 24 in / Dimensions: 4 x 4.8 x 3.3 in

What the package contained:
the GroovePal, a mini usb to standard USB charging cable, manual pamphlet all wrapped in a plastic package that wasn’t too difficult to open.

How to use it:
Mine came precharged, but I’d charge him just in case.
To charge you plug the mini usb into the back under the stero jack, and the other end into your computer’s usb. Takes about 2 hours to charge so keep that in mind. Once the eyes turn purple he’s fully charged! You can charge him without flipping the awake/sleep switch.
To use you pull the stereo jack retractable cable out far enough to reach the phone {mp3 player, laptop, etc}. Flip the switch from “sleep” to “awake”. Turn up the volume on you phone {etc} and the volume dial on the GroovePal.
Once your finished, flip the switch from “awak” to “sleep”.

what i like about it
*In a very noisy place, there’s beepers and machines humming, I can hear the GroovePal 6 feet away.
*In a quiet room, I hear the Groove pal about 15 feet away from the room.
*super adorable!
*Not hard to charge, just have to remember to do so. I plug him into the USB on my computer before bed, and all is well.
*6 hour play time is about accurate, does well for a shift at work

what i don’t like about it:
Nothing yet. I’ve had it for a few weeks, with no problems.

I wanted a way to organize various food containers- such as left over containers, snack cups, empty bottles and jars I’ll reuse, etc. So I went on amazon and bought some Sterilite 16248006 Ultra Basket with Titanium Inserts, White, 6-Pack.

It was a six pack but only four fit on the shelf, I did put the “Misc” basket on the bottom shelf later.

09-22-12 -- 011

Before labeling

09-25-12 -- 006

09-25-12 -- 004

There’s no doubt that music has touched everyone at one time or another. It’s an expression of our thoughts and feelings. Music lets us feel without judgement.

I have been watching Glee, a great show. I’ve loved musicals since I was kid. Love watching American Idol, and many other music associated shows. I’ve escaped into a world with music many times.

Some of my favorite music infused memories:
*Rocking out to 103.3WKFR in my kitchen when I was 12.

*Choir junior and senior year.

*Creating a radio show for a class in high school. We had to create commercials and introduce songs and record in the songs. We were required to listen to so many hours of radio to hear how it’s done.

*Singing All I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey in front of the whole school at a christmas pep assembly.- Didn’t do the greatest that I had hoped, got nervous and couldn’t hear the lyrics. But it was a blast.
*Belting out tunes while making burgers at work, and getting everyone else working to sing in an off key harmony.

Those are some of my best memories.
Although I’ll never get famous I think I sing pretty decently.
I can’t wait to sing a lullaby to my future children. And to introduce them to my favorite songs.

So how has music influenced your life?

Here’s the followup to show what I finished on my list.

x 1. Add to my wardrobe- sewing and buying
(I did buy a few new items from Goodwill and online. But didn’t get around to sewing anything.)

2. Finish at least 1 Works-in-Progress a month (Nope, but did create new WIPs.)

3. Create a clothing line
I’d like to open LizsClothes, but I want more items created and finished before I do.
(Still in progress- and didn’t make any progress this year.)

x 4. Create art for each room
(finished one piece of artwork- circle Art from foamboard and scrapbook paper

5. Make Christmas decorations for this year
Some for me and possibly some for LizsHome?
(Jan bought some supplies. But didn’t finish anything)

6. Meet someone I can love (I love myself that will have to do for now.)

7. Get a social life (Overrated, I feel peaceful in my room with my craft supplies.)

8. Make ‘master patterns’ for me (Not yet but did buy big roll of plastic to do this.)

x 9. Finish cutting table (I’ll call it finished. It just needs trimming and support strengthened. But it is done!)

x 10. Put up the pegboard

x 11. Create 20+ items for each shop (I did make 20+ for LizsWares, but none for the other shops yet.)

x 12. Photograph current finished items (Been pushing myself to do a photo shoot every month or two- doing good.)

13. Expand my shoe wardrobe

x 14. Work on recipe box (Jan- finished recipe dividers: printed, colored, laminated, cut.)
15. Reorganize and decorate- one room at a time (Started but no where near done)
Chose color schemes for all 4 rooms.
I’ve also been bookmarking items I want to buy for each room.

16. Start a planter box of green peppers and onions?
(Never did get around to this, but I did plant a couple potatoes near our tree. When we dug them up they were teeny tiny- I forgot to water them!)

17. Start writing down family history on Decade Disks
My ‘decade disks’ are dvds I’m trying to compile of photos and info of me, family, and friends as a
biography of sorts

x 18. Take more photos of everyday life! (Doing pretty well on this. I think its a good idea for me.)
started documenting personal projects more + took more pix of my room.

19. Get more tools for cooking + kitchen organization (not yet, but have bookmarked them for later purchasing.)

x 20. Expand my personal earring collection- studs for work + cuff earrings
Bought one pair of silver and turquoise lightening bolt shaped earrings.

x21. Watch a new movie or follow a tv show every week
Doing very well on this in Jan- lots of movies & Dexter.
Still doing very well on this in Sep- lately I’ve been watching Dr Who from the beginning, I love this show!

x22. Put new music on mp3 player

23. Go to yard sales this year

24. Take up yoga? or at least do some basic stretches daily (Sadly no, I really should try harder.)

25. Start scheduling blog posts more often and prewrite them.
Did great with january’s posts. Also made more treasuries!
(I’ve been slacking on this while concentrating on creating and listing, sorry! Will work on this as I enjoy blogging.)

x26. Create a blog post list of the great things that happened during the year.
As well as a followup to what I finished on this list.

Done- That’s what this post is for.

Now to make a list for list next year…

I read Bonnie’s post “Scrap User’s System” a few years ago.
It came back to mind this week when I wanted something to do while watching ‘Game of Thrones’.
I liked her system and decided to tweak it to future projects I have in mind.

For one I decided i wanted a few different shapes for appliques on purses or whatever.
I haven’t made any quilts yet, but hope to at some point so I will save squares, rectangles, and strips for future use as well.

I printed up some template to use while cutting scraps: owls, leaves, flowers, a mini stocking, peace signs, and drew some various sized squares and rectangles.

The 6×6 squares I like using to make patchwork scarves. The 4×4 I had cut to make a twirly skirt but never started that project yet, maybe some other time.

I plan to store the pieces in ziplock bags soon.

blue, tan, black, white sort to become owl pieces
some owl pieces cut out
other shapes cut from scraps
more scraps to go through

Right now I have not really tried ‘freezer cooking’ to the full extent. Although I think I’m going to try more..

What I currently do is:

*Onions: Chop up onions very finely with large old food chopper, put in gallon bags {leave wiggle room to remove without breaking bag, and lay flat to freeze. To Use- I break off a little bit when I cook and add it to my meat. You could also ‘flash freeze’ in an ice cube tray, pop out then store in freezer bag/container. But I’d suggest a mini cube tray- depends on how much you like per meal.

*Green Peppers: Chop up green peppers very finely with large old food chopper, put in gallon bags {leave wiggle room to remove without breaking bag, and lay flat to freeze. To Use- I pull out a little bit when I cook and add it to my meat. [Wondering if I should do the same with garlic?]

*Shredded cheese from the store to use in cooked meals
Just dump in half and lay flat with wiggle room for removal. To use- pull out a little bit when I cook and add it to the meal. Love to add cheese with rice and potatoes!

*Pork Chops: Separate two into a quart bag. Fold the bag and place multiple quart bags into a gallon bag.
Each quart bag is one meal for 2 people. To Use- pull out. cook. chop in mini food chopper. Usually serve with rice, green peppers, onions, and garlic. But you can serve with cooked apple slices and rice instead for a nice sweeter taste. [I’m wondering if I chop before freezing that it’d be easier. may try next time.]

*Ground Chuck: Separate into meal sized portions in quart bags. Put multiple quart bags into a gallon bag.
[I want to try making burger patties and meatballs instead of just chunks of burger.]

I did quickly shape plain meatballs, also flattened chunks for stew + patties for burgers.

*Premade Cookie dough from the store: Cut open the roll. cut into slices. place so they lay separated in a gallon bag w/ instructions. To Use- pull out as many as you want and cook as per instructions. I rarely have eggs or milk on hand when I want to bake so this method works well.

*Hot dogs, smoky links, and brats: take out of original packaging and lay into a gallon bag. to Use- remove as many needed when needed.

My freezer currently.

*Jimmy Dean Sausage the roll: Cut open the roll. Cut into slices. Place so they lay separated in a gallon bag.

I’m playing around with the idea of freezer cooking of putting together meals and goodies. I’d love to try baking breads and such. But I don’t have the fancy tools needed for some of the food {like a mixer or even a blender- mine got dropped oops.} I’ll update with other things that I try.

*I did bake some lemon cake mini loaves and cupcakes; ate half and froze half.

*The plastic bag is ice cream gallon bucket- the bag keeps out air to prevent freezer burn.

I managed a couple of projects in the last two months.

Wardrobe Refashion: Sarong to Elastic Skirt
I simply cut to desired length, sewed up one side, then sewed a casing for elastic.

Decor Project: Curtains for my bookcase
I bought a cafe rod from Dollar General for under $5. I was already using the fabric by having it sit under heavy items on top. So I sewed a simple and slightly uneven casing for the rod to slip through.

Although not a project, I also bought some new computer fans (2 blue lighted, 1 not) off of tigerdirect.comfor about $6 each.