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With spring and summer around the corner its time to add to my wardrobe!

It’s said that your clothing budget should be 2-8% of your yearly budget.
My clothing budget is small, $480 max.
Actually my entire yearly budget is small $6700 net, and that has to cover nearly $2800 of bills.
That’s based on true numbers from what I made last year.

I wanted to share with you what clothes I bought this month.
I usually only buy what’s on clearance, and use coupon codes too.

chain cowl neck top orig 49 bough 14.84 chain cowl neck top front view

Chain Cowl Neck Top ‘black’ – Fredricks of Hollywood
orig 49 bought for $14.84 total

Sateen Cropped Pants

Worthington® Sateen Cropped Pants, ‘dittie dot’ black with white dots – JCPenney
orig 28 bought for $5.99

Peplum Blouse

a.n.a® Tie-Shoulder Peplum Blouse ‘olive green’ – JCPenney
orig 34 bought for $5.99

Lace-Trim Cami

Worthington® Lace-Trim Cami ‘black’ – JCPenney
orig 8 bought for $3.99

Sleeveless Button Front Shirt

Decree® Sleeveless Button Front Shirt ‘white’ – JCPenney
orig 22 bought for $5.99

Vera Vera Wang Satin Leggings

Simply Vera Vera Wang Satin Leggings ‘cabernet’ red – Kohls
orig 36 bought for $14.40

Dotted Sheer Tie-Front

Candie’s Dotted Sheer Tie-Front Top Juniors ‘white with black dots’ – Kohls
orig 38 bought for $3.80

Love And Haight Hi-Low

Love And Haight Hi-Low Top Juniors ‘white’ – Kohls
orig 34 bought for $3.40


The Money Facts

Fredricks of Hollywood
backless zipper shirt XL    $14.84
orig $50 clearance and 60% off clearance item

3 tops, 1 capri {my clothes}    $29.41
orig $92, clearance

2 tops, 1 leggings {my clothes}    $29.77
orig $108 Clearance + 10% off code

my purse wardrobe

This is my current purse wardrobe.

1. a good everyday jean purse with lots of pockets, hand-me-down

2. nice small black purse, hand-me-down

3. my favorite purse, hogwarts purse, bought at Hot

4. my special occasion clutch, yard sale

5. wristlet wallet, that can hold a skinny phone, yard salegoodwill

6. super cute little everyday jean purse, goodwill

7. cool wallet with tons of pockets!, yard sale?

8. awesome skull rock-n-roll pouch, use in my larger purses, birthday gift from coworker

9. cute little green purse, yard sale

I managed a couple of projects in the last two months.

Wardrobe Refashion: Sarong to Elastic Skirt
I simply cut to desired length, sewed up one side, then sewed a casing for elastic.

Decor Project: Curtains for my bookcase
I bought a cafe rod from Dollar General for under $5. I was already using the fabric by having it sit under heavy items on top. So I sewed a simple and slightly uneven casing for the rod to slip through.

Although not a project, I also bought some new computer fans (2 blue lighted, 1 not) off of tigerdirect.comfor about $6 each.

I got some new sandals from Walmart for this year as my old ones were quite worn out. These were about $23, and very comfy.

I made some excellent finds at Goodwill to add to my warmer weather wardrobe.

Cargo shorts that fit!

I only had one pair of shorts that fit for public wear.

This maxi skirt is actually more of a maroon color, and is very comfy.

I love velvet and blue. It actually looks darker in real life.

These comfy sporty shorts will certainly be a favorite item this summer!

This skirt is actually a medium charcoal grey color.

I wanted to add some brightness to my wardrobe and this certainly does the trick. Looks great paired with grey or black, even white.

This is a gorgeous jersey tank top that came with a fancy vest.
I got both pieces for the price of one.

It wasn’t until after I got home I realized there were some stains on the bust of the dress, and a safety pin concealed a large stain. I hope to get some Rit dye one of these days to make them even more invisible.

I’ve been wanting to improve my wardrobe. Since I have that constant “What to wear?” thought I decided to take action. I have been improving my sewing skills and have
some patterns- still need fabric and notions.

But first I had to figure out what colors I wanted to work with. In my search on Google for figuring out what colors work for me I came across a great post on mischiefmydear.

Here’s my wardrobe pallete:

heather grey/silver
slate grey/charcoal

Blue in shades of baby blue, turquoise, indian teal
olive green
true red
eggplant purple

these are best for accessories, nail polish, jewelry, maybe a few shirts or key pieces.
electric blue
lime green
rust orange
pale yellow
mellow rose pink

Patterns: some of these will get applied as accents, some as bases.
pinstripes vertical only, small polka dots, horizontal stripes, leopard, skulls, snake skin, maybe zebra (not sure yet). I don’t like flower patterns that much unless its embroidered.

I’m planning to apply this pallete to my underwear as well (since these don’t match at all currently, lol).

Here’s a style board I created to show the colors:

My Wardrobe...
My Wardrobe… by lizswares

I was thinking back on my style through my life:
In 6th grade I wore baggy t shirts and jeans. I mostly like wearing them because they were hand-me-downs from a boy I had a crush on.

I had a favorite flannel shirt in white and Indian teal that I would wear around my waist on a daily basis.

In 9th grade I had a pale yellow 3/4 sleeve v neck shirt that was just barely too short that I wore with olive green cargo pants.

I remember wanting to be a fashion designer as a kid and I’d write down outfits that other girl’s wore that I thought were cool.
I still have my planners from back then and could probably find those writings.

Since 10th grade I’ve been drawn to the Goth culture and have tried to implement a few pieces that reflect that style.

Yesterday I went through some of my closet and wrote down each item, what I liked about it, and what I didn’t. I took out some pieces- stains, ill-fit, etc. I set aside three items that need to be hemmed.

I still have a bunch of clothes that don’t fit me that I’m saving to use the fabric- I should analyze them too. They can give me ideas on construction and I plan to use them to create new pieces for myself.

I plan to try to either find clothes in my size similar to what I want and make some clothes how I want as well.

I’ll write more about my wardrobe since I know it will influence my future products as well.

These past couple days I’ve been researching how to make panties and came up with a few patterns by deconstructing a couple pairs. I need to get some elastic to make them.

I’ve been in quite a slump lately. Haven’t really gotten anything finished. Started a few projects but that’s about it. Well with spring around the corner I’ve began my seasonal ritual of sorting my clothes to see what I have and don’t have.

I pulled out last year’s spring/summer stuff, that I keep in a milk crate on my top closet shelf.
I found 2 pairs of shorts that are now too big (yay), a 2 piece suit that I detest due to water logging, some hats, and a few other items as well. So…

My Current Spring/Summer wardrobe consists of the following:
1. blue spaghetti strap sun dress
2. red dress swim suit cover up >might be able to pull off w/ sandals for a night look
3. 2 really short lounge shorts, that are basically only suitable for at home on really frickin hot days.
4. 2 hats that I like wearing.
5. my new black sandals!
6. tan diy a-line skirt I made a few years ago, and it fits!

In an effort to expand my wardrobe I decided to distress a pair of jeans that fit, but I really didn’t like them- they were hand me down skinny leg jeans that were already cut at the ankle by the previous owner. I’ll do a big write up of the jeans this week with a bunch of pix. I need a rougher grit sandpaper to really finish them off.

I’ve also made a huge wish list for clothing items I’d like to buy, and plan to at least get a few of the items.

I have a new pair of sneakers on the way.