So I pulled out my shrink plastic to make some jewelry pieces.
Here’s some tips, how tos, and things I noticed during my experiments.

Shrink Plastics Used:
White= Aleen’e Shrink-It opaque  {old supplies given to me}
Clear= PolyShrink artist’s grade shrink plastic {bought lucky squirrel/amazon}

Permanent Marker {Sharpie} on Shrink Plastic:
colors easily.
I allowed them to air dry to avoid smearing while coloring the other side {those that i used colored pencil with}.
Don’t have to sand the plastic to use permanent markers.
the colors intensify in a strong way, nonpastel markers get very dark.
   {I don’t have any pastel or mettalic markers yet, will update if/when I test those}.

Colored Pencil on Shrink Plastic:
Have to sand the plastic in a crosshatch pattern before using colored pencils.
Colors easily.
the colors intensify in a nice way, you can achieve pastel {ie. lighter colors}.
colored pencils and permanent marker {especially black} look well together.

Acrylic Paint on Shrink Plastic:
Using straight acrylic paint {I painted on about 2 coats} on shrink plastic produces powdered paint {it cracks and peel} and leaves a light ‘colored pencil-like’ effect.
I was able to salvage some of these pieces by dusting away the excess paint, with a paper towel lightly.
It can scratch off, so it needs to be sealed.

*I read that watered down acrylic paint is usable on shrink plastic.
I can agree to this- the metalic silver paint I used {scalloped oblonged circle} was very watery in the bottle; I used 2 light coats because i wanted a lighter color.
This piece turned out well.

Shrink Plastic:
All my circles I’ve done have become oblong- if you have any ideas please share in the comments.
Perfect for creating unique pieces of miniture artwork.
I enjoy this media and will continue with it.

When you sand one side of the clear shrink plastic {to use colored pencils} the scratches create a ‘fog’ effect after shrinking.
So if you want a crystal clear look- don’t sand >which means don’t use the colored pencils for that piece.

When cutting with the cuticle nail scissors beware to not to close them fully because the plastic will crack- which makes a sharp area once shrunk.


How to for Shrink Plastic

1. gather supplies:
shrink plastic, sandpaper, colored pencils, acrylic paints, water, permanent markers {most alcohol based markers should work- packaging should list some to use}
scissors {cuticle nail scissors work best}
your designs to trace, or else free hand it

2. If you’re going to use colored pencils or paint, you need to sand one side of the plastic in a cross hatch {left to right, then up to down} pattern with about a 400 grit sandpaper.

3. trace, draw, color

4. cut out your designs. punch holes where needed {for jewelry a single-hole punch works fine for jumprings}.
 If you need a bigger hole I’d work it into the design, draw it, and cut it.

My Shrinks for April 2014 before/in progressImage


My shrinks after shrinking in the oven



What have you done with shrink plastic {aka Shrinky Dinks}?
Share your adventures with this medium in the comments!