With spring and summer around the corner its time to add to my wardrobe!

It’s said that your clothing budget should be 2-8% of your yearly budget.
My clothing budget is small, $480 max.
Actually my entire yearly budget is small $6700 net, and that has to cover nearly $2800 of bills.
That’s based on true numbers from what I made last year.

I wanted to share with you what clothes I bought this month.
I usually only buy what’s on clearance, and use coupon codes too.

chain cowl neck top orig 49 bough 14.84 chain cowl neck top front view

Chain Cowl Neck Top ‘black’ – Fredricks of Hollywood
orig 49 bought for $14.84 total

Sateen Cropped Pants

Worthington® Sateen Cropped Pants, ‘dittie dot’ black with white dots – JCPenney
orig 28 bought for $5.99

Peplum Blouse

a.n.a® Tie-Shoulder Peplum Blouse ‘olive green’ – JCPenney
orig 34 bought for $5.99

Lace-Trim Cami

Worthington® Lace-Trim Cami ‘black’ – JCPenney
orig 8 bought for $3.99

Sleeveless Button Front Shirt

Decree® Sleeveless Button Front Shirt ‘white’ – JCPenney
orig 22 bought for $5.99

Vera Vera Wang Satin Leggings

Simply Vera Vera Wang Satin Leggings ‘cabernet’ red – Kohls
orig 36 bought for $14.40

Dotted Sheer Tie-Front

Candie’s Dotted Sheer Tie-Front Top Juniors ‘white with black dots’ – Kohls
orig 38 bought for $3.80

Love And Haight Hi-Low

Love And Haight Hi-Low Top Juniors ‘white’ – Kohls
orig 34 bought for $3.40


The Money Facts

Fredricks of Hollywood
backless zipper shirt XL    $14.84
orig $50 clearance and 60% off clearance item

3 tops, 1 capri {my clothes}    $29.41
orig $92, clearance

2 tops, 1 leggings {my clothes}    $29.77
orig $108 Clearance + 10% off code