We don’t keep medicines in here because moisture and temperature changes are bad for medicines.
I do my makeup in my room (less time used in the bathroom). So I don’t need to store makeup in there.
Mostly it’s bathing, teeth, and facial cleansing.

The cabinet was a dirty, white with rust. I did a quick and dirty paint job with acyrlic paints to satisfy my wants for now.
Since this is an apartment I can’t change a lot of things, and I figured I could spray paint it white whenever we leave.

I’d love to buy a toothpaste/toothbrush holder like this:
OXO Toothbrush and Toothpaste Organizer

It’s more sanitary, practical, and prettier.
But for now a simple little basket from Dollar General will have to do.

I needed to store the following items in the cabinet:
2 mouthwashes {Scope, Listerine)
toothpaste, toothbrush

Medicine cabinet before

Medicine cabinet after

I may put more items from the linen closet or my room in there later.


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