1. See through
Everyone wonders what others carry in their purse. But if you go see-thru beware of what you’re showing the world.



2. Heavy Metal
Gold and silver jewelry are always in style. Gold and silver details on purses and shoes are even better!



3. High Contrast
Colorblocking was big in 2012, but this year it’s all about the neutrals. Personally I like it better that way, much easy on the eyes.
Just remember the eyes search for repeatition so try to have your the color block pop up in two spots, like your purse and shoes.



4. Totes Amaze
Tote bags are my favorite trend this year because they can fit so much! Plus when they’re made of leather or anything other than canvas they are so much cooler.



5. Creative Handles
This was an eye-catching trend, and is very cool. As long as the handles are comfortable they should have some style to them too.