I had decided on a specific color scheme for my holiday decor.
So I went searching through my stuff for decor i could use.
I found this snowflake garland that just seemed too bland, the color didn’t appeal to me. So I decided to paint the garland so it would work with my color scheme.

Options for upcycling Christmas decor:

1. spray paint then coat with spray polyurethane
(I didn’t have any suitable spray paint colors on hand, and wanted to keep my costs low so I went with option 2.)

2. paint with acrylic paint and coat with modpodge

I looked through my acrylic paints and chose these.

10-21-12 -- 014

Step one- paint each snow flake on one side, and wait for them all to dry. Depending on how thick your paint coat is this could take a few hours.

10-21-12 -- 011

Step two- coat the same side with mod podge, and wait for that to dry.

10-21-12 -- 012

Step three- turn it over and paint the other side, wait for it to dry.

Step four- coat the same side with mod podge, and wait for that to dry.

Now your done!

10-21-12 -- 017

This is a perfect project to do if you can’t find decor in the perfect color that you want.
There is a wider range of acrylic paints than spray paints, but spray painting would have been quicker.

A cool pin that would be helpful if you’re spray painting the ornaments