I started my blogging journey on Blogger back in 2008. I ‘cut my teeth’ so to speak on Blogger and it was fun. But I wanted to grow my blog further. So this weekend I spent some time making the move.

I’m not dissatisfied with Blogger I just wanted something new, wanted to build bigger, and help my business more.

One downside I had was on Blogger I was on a ‘subdomain’, basically I was using the free version of Blogger. This made the move SEO wise a bad thing. There is no way to transfer the views that I built on blogger to the posts on WordPress. I realized this and accepted it.

Now if you really want to save those views you could shell out $13 to buy a domain on blogger, then import everything to WordPress, and use 301 redirect to “transfer” the SEO that you built up. Search on Google for “Blogger to WordPress 301 redirect” and you’ll find tutorials on how to do so.

I chose to not do that.

So here’s how I moved my Blogger to WordPress:

1. Set up a free blog account on WordPress

2. Chose a theme that I really liked “San Kloud”

3. Changed Sidebar widgets, like Categories and links.

For links I removed that links that were there and added link to my shops, and social media  sites.

For the categories I added the main topics that my posts would be and added more later as well.

4. Imported my posts from blogger.

On the left menu in the dashboard go to Tools > Import. This didn’t take very long I started with about 360 posts.

5. Changed Categories to tags.

When the posts were imported WordPress set all my Blogger tags as categories. I didn’t want that So I went to Tools > Available Tools > Categories and Tags Converter. Then chose that ones I wanted back to tags. It showed a status bar, and took about 20 minutes-ish. They emailed once it was complete.

6. Edited all the posts

I went one by one through the posts to add categories, and remove posts with dead links. This took about 2 sessions of 2-3 hours each. I split it up over 2 days to lighten the load.

7. I wrote a post on Blogger to link to new wordpess

8. Updated links to my new Blog

I changed links to my blog on my Etsy Shop profiles, about pages, my Craftster account. I posted in all my Etsy Teams that my blog has moved.

I went through my pins on my Pinterest account to update the links to my posts.

9. Saved my previously scheduled blog posts.

On blogger I had about 25 scheduled posts, so I went one by one and saved them to Notepad. I copy paste them to WordPress soon.

So everyone who has followed me here from Blogger: thank you for coming back!

For everyone visiting for the first time: Welcome and please follow me!


Note: I will be deleting the old posts on Blogger, but they are here on WordPress so explore and update your bookmarks!