Over a decade ago, when we actually decorated for Christmas:
We’d get a real tree, our decorations were handmade from my grandma, and cheap store bought.
We didn’t follow any color scheme, we just put a bunch of random ornaments on the tree.
It was nice. I loved laying on the couch and staring at the lights. We had gotten blinking lights one time.

Since then we never really celebrated Christmas at home. Sometimes we’d go out to lunch with a relative. When I had a boyfriend, I celebrated Christmas with them, but we didn’t at home. It made the holidays sad. I want to change that. I’m not worried on the gift front because we ‘celebrate’/buy gifts all year whenever we have the money. Not for anyone outside our family unit though, we’re pretty much loners.

Well this year I want to decorate for Christmas. I decided:
that I’d like to stick to a certain set of colors.
that I want ornaments that reflect each person’s personality’s.
that I want to use keepsake ornaments that I plan to create.

My everyday living room colors will be- white, light wood, blue, espresso brown, black, bronze, silver.

So the Christmas Color Scheme that speaks to me:
Blue, cream, white, Beige, silver, browns, mint green, pastel pink?, gold, crystal, rust or pastel orange?, pale/sunny yellow

Themes and shapes: lace, ribbon, animals, owls, balls, garlands, crystal, Fake flowers

I think I’ll go with a blue tree, maybe white/

Tips and Resources I liked:
Once you choose a color scheme, it’s a good idea to carry the color through all connecting rooms, for a look of consistency and harmony.

Pastels mix easily with other pastels such as pink, peach, butter yellow, baby blue, lilac, and mint green.

Most colors, whether pastel or jewel tones, mix well with crystals, white, and ivory.

And metallic tones like gold, silver, iron, brass, and pewter look great with almost any color.