There’s no doubt that music has touched everyone at one time or another. It’s an expression of our thoughts and feelings. Music lets us feel without judgement.

I have been watching Glee, a great show. I’ve loved musicals since I was kid. Love watching American Idol, and many other music associated shows. I’ve escaped into a world with music many times.

Some of my favorite music infused memories:
*Rocking out to 103.3WKFR in my kitchen when I was 12.

*Choir junior and senior year.

*Creating a radio show for a class in high school. We had to create commercials and introduce songs and record in the songs. We were required to listen to so many hours of radio to hear how it’s done.

*Singing All I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey in front of the whole school at a christmas pep assembly.- Didn’t do the greatest that I had hoped, got nervous and couldn’t hear the lyrics. But it was a blast.
*Belting out tunes while making burgers at work, and getting everyone else working to sing in an off key harmony.

Those are some of my best memories.
Although I’ll never get famous I think I sing pretty decently.
I can’t wait to sing a lullaby to my future children. And to introduce them to my favorite songs.

So how has music influenced your life?