I read Bonnie’s post “Scrap User’s System” a few years ago.
It came back to mind this week when I wanted something to do while watching ‘Game of Thrones’.
I liked her system and decided to tweak it to future projects I have in mind.

For one I decided i wanted a few different shapes for appliques on purses or whatever.
I haven’t made any quilts yet, but hope to at some point so I will save squares, rectangles, and strips for future use as well.

I printed up some template to use while cutting scraps: owls, leaves, flowers, a mini stocking, peace signs, and drew some various sized squares and rectangles.

The 6×6 squares I like using to make patchwork scarves. The 4×4 I had cut to make a twirly skirt but never started that project yet, maybe some other time.

I plan to store the pieces in ziplock bags soon.

blue, tan, black, white sort to become owl pieces
some owl pieces cut out
other shapes cut from scraps
more scraps to go through