I got some new sandals from Walmart for this year as my old ones were quite worn out. These were about $23, and very comfy.

I made some excellent finds at Goodwill to add to my warmer weather wardrobe.

Cargo shorts that fit!

I only had one pair of shorts that fit for public wear.

This maxi skirt is actually more of a maroon color, and is very comfy.

I love velvet and blue. It actually looks darker in real life.

These comfy sporty shorts will certainly be a favorite item this summer!

This skirt is actually a medium charcoal grey color.

I wanted to add some brightness to my wardrobe and this certainly does the trick. Looks great paired with grey or black, even white.

This is a gorgeous jersey tank top that came with a fancy vest.
I got both pieces for the price of one.

It wasn’t until after I got home I realized there were some stains on the bust of the dress, and a safety pin concealed a large stain. I hope to get some Rit dye one of these days to make them even more invisible.