picture by exquisiteinks

Having a collection of recipes passed from one generation to another is one one of those precious keepsakes that many hope to receive.

I knew I wanted to create a special collection of my own- and I finished the box awhile back.

The box came with 5×8 index cards, and thick card stock dividers. I wanted more room in the box so I needed a new way to to do the dividers.
I came across a super cute idea from Controlling my Chaos.

And so became the laminated dividers I made in December 2011.

I’m slowly sorting, typing, and searching for recipes online and in ebooks to add to my collection.
I intend on adding some really basic ones like how to boil an egg- one of the few I had difficulty with as a teen.

I’ll share recipes here on my blog as often as I can. I suggest that you begin your own collection as well and add along. Feel free to share any recipes in the comments of any of my recipe posts.
So we can all build our recipe collections.