One thing I want to do this year is decorate every room. Not too Linkhard since there’s only 5 including the bathroom, lol.

First I did some research on how to choose colors (see links):

Then I looked at what I had in the rooms and what colors appeal to me.

Here’s what I came up with:
Keeping in mind that sadly I’m stuck with apartment-dingy-white walls, unless I scrub them weekly.

Bedroom #1 Crafty and comfortable
black, white, red, blue, silver/grey – accent sparingly with lime green, orange, and yellow

Bedroom #2
white, pink, yellow, blue, black, silver

Kitchen 1950’s bright and happy
pastel shades of pink, blue, green, yellow, orange; red, black, white, silver

Livingroom comfy, cozy, airy
blue, pale yellow, white, wood tones, black, lime green- sparingly, bronze, gold or silver?

Upstairs floors currently are a light tan wood; downstairs is whitish laminated cement (that grout seeps up in cracks constantly)- later will be a dark walnut wood downstairs- in 4 years or so {it’s rental complex- they’re waiting for a grant}.