Ever since I started LizsWares in 2009 I’ve been introduced to new ideas and people.
My planning and organization skills have improved, as well as my decision making skills too.

For this blog carnival I chose to look at my skills pertaining to my shop.

What i do well:
* I do well with organization.
* I do well with pre-planning.
* I do well at bookkeeping.
* I do well at researching.
* I’m doing better about promoting through social networks like StumpleUpon, Kaboodle, and Twitter.

What I’d like to improve:
* I lack funds to purchase new supplies when I want them.
* I’m still working on organizing my spaces to accommodate my crafts and still fit my living quarters.
* I’ve made more time for blogging, but feel like I have less time for creating. I need to balance this.

What I love about having my shops:
* I love the close knit community that has grown from Etsy.
* I love being able to share my creations with others.
* I love blogging to share my experiences and knowledge.