I intend to create more diversified jewelry in various mediums and styles.
So I’ve decided to rearrange my shop sections by style.
I’ll add a link in each listing so that if you choose to search by item type (ie. bracelet, necklace, earrings) that you still can by clicking that link.

Here are my new sections and a sample of what you’ll find in them

1. Fashion Jewelry (Resin) : for fashion, plastic and resin jewelry

2. Fantasy Beaded Jewelry:

3. Heavy Metal (For Men)

4. Nature Inspired Jewelry:

5. Upcycled Fabric Jewelry:
Coming soon!

6. Dark Romance Goth Jewels:

7. Bohemian Jewelry:

8. Steampunk Jewelry:
Coming soon!

9. Geekery Jewelry:
Coming soon!

10. Holiday Jewelry and more:
Valentine’s day and more – plus whatever doesn’t fit somewhere else.