I know that myself and I’m sure others have a hard time sticking to New Years resolutions.
Well here’s an idea instead. How about a list of things to do before your next birthday!

Your list should include things you’d like to accomplish this year, fun things to do, maybe
something you always wanted to try. Even things that you know you’ve neglected- like exercise
and visiting friends or relatives, etc.

Try to stick with easy to reach goals, but even small steps towards big goals are a good idea too! Always remember to include to relax and mostly things you know you’d enjoy doing. Life is about being happy and making others happy. So have fun!

Here’s my 26 before 27:
1. Add to my wardrobe- sewing and buying

2. Finish at least 1 Works-in-Progress a month

3. Create a clothing line
I’d like to open LizsClothes, but I want more items created and finished before I do.

4. Create art for each room

5. Make Christmas decorations for this year
Some for me and possibly some for LizsHome?

6. Meet someone I can love

7. Get a social life
It’s lonely behind the computer, lol 😛

8. Make ‘master patterns’ for me
I plan to create patterns from clothes that I LOVE the fit of to expand my wardrobe

9. Finish cutting table- I’ve dabbled in sewing and need a cutting table to lay out patterns etc.

10. Put up the pegboard- I just bought some pegboard. need to paint it, buy hooks etc, and hang it.

11. Create 20+ items for each shop

12. Photograph current finished items

13. Expand my shoe wardrobe

14. Work on recipe box

15. Reorganize and decorate- one room at a time

16. Start a planter box of green peppers and onions?

17. Start writing down family history on Decade Disks
My ‘decade disks’ are dvds I’m trying to compile of photos and info of me, family, and friends as a
biography of sorts

18. Take more photos of everyday life!

19. Get more tools for cooking + kitchen organization
have one mixing bowl (ie Rubbermaid storage bowl) that is usually busy holding fruit on table or lettuce in fridge 😛

20. Expand my personal earring collection- studs for work + cuff earrings

21. Watch a new movie or follow a tv show every week
Currently I’ve been following Glee!

22. Put new music on mp3 player

23. Go to yard sales this year

24. Take up yoga? or at least do some basic stretches daily

25. Start scheduling blog posts more often and prewrite them.

26. Create a blog post list of the great things that happened during the year. As well as a followup to what I finished on this list.

I got the idea from A Beautiful Mess.