I had the idea the other day, that I should make a spot on the wall to hold fake flowers.

So drafted an idea- first I thought 3d flower pot- nah too hard.
Then sort of a squared cone coming off a canvas- still hard.
I know a box like a planters box- perfect.

Steps I took:
1. I found a small box and cut about 1 inch out of the middle to make it skinnier. Using a skinnier box would have worked too.
2. Glued the halves together.
3. Cut a flap off a box to be my back.
4. Painted the box silver. and the backing yellow.
5. I plan to use toilet paper rolls inside the box to help hold the flowers. I may need to shorten the flowers- not sure yet.
6. I plan to get pink, blue, and white flowers.
7. I’ll most likely get some ribbon to tie through the holes and hang on a nail or slip the holes over nails. I’m not sure which will hold the box upright the best.

Also I printed and colored dividers for my recipe box.
I plan to laminate them once I get more laminating pouches.