Looking back on past years I’ve noticed that we don’t really do much for Christmas. and basically do nothing for birthdays either. Sometimes a cake. And it really saddens me. So I won’t let that be the case- especially for my future kids.

As our current family stands I’ll keep it simple, but I fully intend on decorating this next year.

So in preparation for my dream family I’m creating a large list of possible traditions to do. Feel free to comment with your own traditions!

1. Bake a batch of cookies with the kids

2. decorate the tree and house as a family during the first week of December or November?

3. Make ornaments, different types, each year with the kids. Write date and names on each and save them to take when they move on their own.

4. have a family Christmas each year with large family circle and another with nucleur family circle.

5. Hearts for a good deed
Good way to encourage goodwill between multiple children

6. sew new PJs for the family each year?

7. Christmas countdown with books

8. having my dad or another male relative dress as santa- especially when the kids are really little.

9. Holiday movie marathon

10. diy xmas cards for family

11. special holiday foods

I hope to create more memories and traditions throughout the future years.
I guess I need to hurry up and create my family since I’m already 26.