Shop description (what they sell):
“At Damsel in this Dress, all of our corsets are **Designed using our own signature patterns that took months to revise and perfect **Made with sturdy upholstery fabric that is also used for the lining **Double-stitched with upholstery thread with a tensile strength of 8 lbs **Rigid up the front with my signature rubber-dipped fiberglass rod boning **Boned on every seam with double-thickness European spring steel **Professionally set with large double sided brass grommets ** Designed with a flawless fit and waist whittling in mind!”

Here’s a few items that caught my eye:

Waist 41-43 Black with Gold Medallion Buccaneer Coat with Sleeves

Waist 35 to 37 Caramel Steampunk Vixen Corset-in stock-Ready to Ship

Peasant Blouse L/XL