After sorting though my clothes to see what didn’t fit, i never wore etc I ended up with a healthy amount of what I call “Fabric Fodder”. Items i can use for fabric!

There are many things you can do with clothes that are worn out or don’t fit.

1. upcycle/reconstruct into a new clothing item/accessories/home decor item
here’s a forum on craftser with excellent examples.
its very easy to upcycle adult clothes into kid’s clothes.
You’d be surprised how much fabric there is.

2. rags! Never buy paper towels again!
Save some money on your cleaning supplies! way back in the day no one bought washrags they cut from old clothes. If you have a serger you can even cut up towels and serge the edges to prevent fraying!

3. Add to your scraps for crafting!
use your scraps and old clothes for scraps!

Search for “what to do with old clothes” for a ton more ideas

I decided to dig through some of my fabric fodder clothing today to sort out what they’re going to be used for.