I’ve been wanting to improve my wardrobe. Since I have that constant “What to wear?” thought I decided to take action. I have been improving my sewing skills and have
some patterns- still need fabric and notions.

But first I had to figure out what colors I wanted to work with. In my search on Google for figuring out what colors work for me I came across a great post on mischiefmydear.

Here’s my wardrobe pallete:

heather grey/silver
slate grey/charcoal

Blue in shades of baby blue, turquoise, indian teal
olive green
true red
eggplant purple

these are best for accessories, nail polish, jewelry, maybe a few shirts or key pieces.
electric blue
lime green
rust orange
pale yellow
mellow rose pink

Patterns: some of these will get applied as accents, some as bases.
pinstripes vertical only, small polka dots, horizontal stripes, leopard, skulls, snake skin, maybe zebra (not sure yet). I don’t like flower patterns that much unless its embroidered.

I’m planning to apply this pallete to my underwear as well (since these don’t match at all currently, lol).

Here’s a style board I created to show the colors:

My Wardrobe...
My Wardrobe… by lizswares

I was thinking back on my style through my life:
In 6th grade I wore baggy t shirts and jeans. I mostly like wearing them because they were hand-me-downs from a boy I had a crush on.

I had a favorite flannel shirt in white and Indian teal that I would wear around my waist on a daily basis.

In 9th grade I had a pale yellow 3/4 sleeve v neck shirt that was just barely too short that I wore with olive green cargo pants.

I remember wanting to be a fashion designer as a kid and I’d write down outfits that other girl’s wore that I thought were cool.
I still have my planners from back then and could probably find those writings.

Since 10th grade I’ve been drawn to the Goth culture and have tried to implement a few pieces that reflect that style.

Yesterday I went through some of my closet and wrote down each item, what I liked about it, and what I didn’t. I took out some pieces- stains, ill-fit, etc. I set aside three items that need to be hemmed.

I still have a bunch of clothes that don’t fit me that I’m saving to use the fabric- I should analyze them too. They can give me ideas on construction and I plan to use them to create new pieces for myself.

I plan to try to either find clothes in my size similar to what I want and make some clothes how I want as well.

I’ll write more about my wardrobe since I know it will influence my future products as well.

These past couple days I’ve been researching how to make panties and came up with a few patterns by deconstructing a couple pairs. I need to get some elastic to make them.