Today is the first day I’m getting promoted by a wonderful group of people from CraftCount Team.
I am participating in Promo Heart this month. I have been promoting the other members on their day.
I promote them by:
adding their shop, blog, and an item link to StumbleUpon.
adding an item to Kaboodle under Promo Heart List.
tweeting an item with hash tags that will get it retweeted.
If I really like their stuff I’ll favorite their shop, item or two, and if I like their favorites I add them to my circle.

Below I’ll link to the ways I have been Promoted today.
Thank you all for promoting me!! I shall promote you gladly on your day(s).

Blog Posts about LizsWares

Tweets about LizsWares

“Tweet: Nautical jewelry…a must have for the wardrobe this summer at on @Etsy @etsybot #handmade #fashion #jewelry”

Icy Blue Caged Heart Necklace with Faux Pearls by LizsWares
via @Etsy #fashion jewelry#CCH1#handmadebot2#etsybot2
Retweeted by customphotopics

Handmade Jewelry glass pearls and beads silver plated by @LizsWares Jewels, jewels I tell you – check them out! #CHH1

add a touch of LizsWare to your summer wardrobe Blue flower bracelet @LizsWares | | #hcc1 #etsy #etsyguy #handmadebot

Majestic beauty Emerald City Necklace @LizsWares | | #hcc1 #etsy #etsyguy #handmadebot #madebyhandbot #jewelry #necklace

This is just the place for buying that special person something special!! via @etsy #hcc1 #handmadebot #etsy #etsybot

welldressedcupcakes says
View Earrings by LizsWares via @Etsy Beautiful jewelry. Love the colors! Pure Summer!

also retweeting and I probably missed some too.

Other Site Mentions

There was also stumbling, facebook mentions, hearts, digg, tumblr and adding to circles.

Thanks Everybody!
To show what this week has looked like for me:

June 12
Blog Visits- 7
Shop Visits- 9
Hearts- 0

June 13
Blog Visits- 11
Shop Visits- 10
Hearts- 1 shop

June 14
Blog Visits- 31
Hearts- 4 shop hearts, 5 item hearts

Shop Visits- 38

10 26.32%
(direct) ((none))
7 18.42%
google (organic)
4 10.53%
Twitter (PageTools)
3 7.89% (referral)
2 5.26%

and remember that even a little promoting now helps later too!
People bookmark things they like.
Also experts say that you need to see things 7 times before you buy it- it’s an advertising rule.
Forget where I read it but look it up.