I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’d like to open new shops soon.

I’ve slowly been working on getting things ready to do so. To help push myself, and to give my readers a look behind the scenes, I’m going to post progress reports.

Steps I’ve taken so far towards expanding:

1. decided what I was going to make.
Currently I’ve sold jewelry. I’ve tried my hand at tutus, and sewing. I’ve decided to do jewelry, clothing, home decor, and vintage. The vintage may not happen until even later than the other two shops.

2. Created banners for the new shops.
I did a post about these. I’ll keep my decision for which banners I chose to go with a secret until I open the shops.

3. Started drafting policies for the new shops.
I researched different policies other similar and successful shops are using and listed the ones that would work for me. In doing this I also adjusted my current shop’s policies.

4. Researched shipping prices and policies.
I’ve noticed on most things I’ve sent that I’ve ate a little of the shipping costs. Mostly because I didn’t know the difference between first class and priority. I changed my shipping profile for my jewelry shop to be First Class only, and included prices for international sales. I included the countries that had visitors to my shop.

5. I changed my machine setup in my ‘studio’.
Right my studio is my little bedroom. I got a folding table from Walmart so that I could have my sewing machine and serger near by. Makes working on projects much easier.

6. Wrote profiles for new shops.
Since Etsy is still working on letting us run multiple shops from one account. I wrote

up public profiles for each new shop.

7. I joined new teams this month!
I am in the following teams:
Etsy Business Topics
Deviant Art
Etsy Blog Team
Etsy Promotion Forum
The Etsy Vintage Wish List
The Promotion Team
Vintage Lovers
EtsyBloggers Team

8. Changed how I do my marketing
After taking the Social Media Ecourse from Handemadeology, I adjusted how I do my promoting for my shop and for EtsyDeviants. EtsyDeviants is a group on DeviantArt.com that I founded. When I find the time I’ll promote 3-4 items made by fellow team members. I also try to promote memebers from my other teams at times too. The sites I use are Stumbleupon, Kaboodle, Deviant Art, Twitter.

9. I’ve been keeping track of everything I do with regards to my shops etc in my marketing tracker file. I have to say that this month’s file is pretty full! I also keep track of when people feature me in a treasury or when my items/shop gets hearted, and when I make a sale!
Here’s how I keep track: Part 1 and Part 2.

10. I made a sale this month!
I sold 3 items to a lovely lady.

11. I started leaving comments on the Etsy Blog. I’ve only done a couple comments so far.
the last comment I made was on the collectors post about pincushions. I commented about The Etsy Vintage Wish List. We’re still just starting out but it would be awesome if we could get this up and running smooth.

12. I bought mannequins.
To help with the photography of my items I went on Amazon.com and bought a set of mannequins. They are half mannequins, male and a female, flesh tone. Total they cost me $40. I feel they are a good invest ment so I can photograph my jewelry, scarves and more on them.

13. I made 2 purses and a scarf.
Before I open the new shops I’d like to have 20 items made and ready to list for each shop.
So far I have 2 purses, and 8 scarves done for the clothing shop.

14. I staked claim to my pieces of Etsy ‘land’.
I created Etsy accounts for the shops. and new emails for the shops.
They are not yet set to be seller accounts. I’ll do that after I get my new bank card.

15. add email notifier to craftomania toolbar.
this is a nifty tool, but it doesn’t want to log into multiple yahoo accounts.
Will just have to check them the old fashioned way.
If i had $40 a year to blow I’d forward them to one.

16. put sewing machine and serger tools and pieces into a little drawer set.

17. Reorganized my blog post labels. and changed the look of my blog.

18. Finished 4 more items- 2 scarves, 2 drawstring pouches.

19. finished a personal project- helped me in learning to use bias tape. Yellow Dress

20. Updated LizsClothes, LizsHome, LizsVintage profiles.

21. Signed up for a promotion on CraftCount team– it starts June 1st.

22. finished 11 more items- pillow cover, vest purse, sweater jean purse, table linen set, hairkerchief, arm warmers, 3 scarves, 2 shawls

That’s all for May. Now to rest a few days then kick it into gear for June.