I’m hoping by next year to open more shops.
While planning the banners I thought I should update my current banner as well.

So I need votes! Which do you prefer and why?

For current shop (which will be just jewelry) “Lizs Wares”

Wares #1

Wares #2

Wares # 3

Wares #4 my current banner


For new shop: Lizs Home (which will be home decor- made with both new and upcycled fabrics)

Home #1

Home #2

Home #3

Home #4


New Shop: Lizs Clothes (vintage inspired and upcycled purses)

clothes #1

clothes #2

clothes #3


new shop: Lizs vintage (vintage items and craft supplies- not all supplies will be vintage)
this shop may take more than a year before i open it.

vintage #1

Vintage # 2


I had considered using the flowers for all of them, but thought maybe that would be to matchy, not sure. Any advice would be nice.