As I noted in the previous post I was going to elaborate on the steps I take with each item in my shop. I felt I needed to streamline my process and to do so I needed to see it wrote in front of me. So I created the folder “1 Steps”. Within that folder I created txt ‘notepad’ files numbered 1 through 6 for the following steps: create item, photograph item, list the item, market the item, sell and ship, networking. I also have doc files called description help, and tag you Treasury lists. Also list of tags, and list of treasury ideas.

Here I’ll go through each step by copying exactly what I have in each txt file. These steps I’ve wrote from tips I found and what works for me. I’m sharing this info to help other sellers develop their own standard operating procedures.

1 create Item : this txt file is empty since it’s self explanatory.

2 Photograph item :
Shop needs to have a certain feel to it.
Pictures need to be clear and informative of the product. *5 photo slots

Types of photos:
Close up
full view
model shot
artistic shot
photo filler- my studio, packaging, me, in progress, pic from another item


My Current Methods

Casual Bracelets
on jean pocket, near open window= natural sunlight
camera- on tripod, macro, no flash
get up close– use zoom less
take lots of shots- focused.
Do different angles for different lighting.
try different settings too.
write in notebook: Photo #4 open shade, macro, zoom 2

Model Shoots
sheet on window for background
jeans, grey tshirt or black tshirt
close up
camera on tripod
timer 2 shot
timer so many sec and no flash

3 List the Item

colors, style, what it is
figure out best phrases that get searched that apply to get me to the top of google
*Note: Etsy search currently only looks at your title and tags! Avoid cutesy names for your pieces and if you must say its on sale, put it at the end!

Most important info first! a couple sentences of this info google cuts off after so much.
use same exact phrases from the title into the description and tags

*bullet these items
*materials used
# How do I care for it? Can I wash and dry that wool sweater?

nts: add to earring descriptions **”Display Model shown is x”inches ( x cm)

Now to woo the customer!
my inspiration
how it could be used> what outfit, event?
where would it look best
who would this make a great gift for
# Who should buy it? or Who should NOT buy it? Is it appropriate for pregnant women? Children? Pets?

# What is it used for? Is it decorative? Does it have a function? Both?

# What does it feel like? Is that scarf soft to the touch? What’s the texture like? Is that necklace very heavy?

# How does it work? Does it slip over my head? Is there a clasp? Do I tie it around my waist?

# Why is this one better than the one in the next shop? What special skills, materials, or ideas do you use that make your item the best?

# Will it fit me? When I shop in a brick and mortar shop I might try on 12 things and find only 1 that fits well. I am taking a BIG chance on buying clothes online. Please make it easier for me by offering extensive measurement and sizing information. Don’t assume that your customer will know what you mean by “small” or “large.”

# What if it doesn’t fit? Am I stuck with it? Will you exchange it? Who pays to ship it back?

# Is it ready to use? Is that painting ready to hang? Do I need to frame it first?

# How does it arrive? Is it gift wrapped? Is it ready to ship or is it made to order?

# Will I get the EXACT item in the photo? Is it a stock photo or do I get the exact item?

# What do those fancy terms mean? Don’t take for granted that your customer knows what a cabochon is or what giclee or gocco means.

# Can I live without this item? Chances are your customer can easily live without your items. It’s your job to SELL it to them. Let them know why owning this item is so wonderful. Are they going to feel like a princess with that lovely bracelet? Is that platter not only functional, but makes a wonderful work of art? Is that item the perfect gift for hard-to-buy-for people? Does the item evoke certain emotions? Tell us what’s so great about it!

3. Keep an eye on your web analytics results. (Find out how to set that up in the Seller FAQ.) Keep a list of the keywords visitors searched for when they found your shop and write with these keywords in mind. Remember that your tags are keywords used by Etsy Search, but your most important tags and materials should also be scattered throughout your descriptions so that internet searches (through Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) can find you too! These sites are more likely to pick up keywords from your descriptions rather than your list of tags.

4. Just like a good therapist suggests, use “I” statements. Speaking in the first person will help you connect with your visitor on a personal level — and isn’t that what they are looking for when they come to shop on Etsy? Show a bit of your personality! Think of your item descriptions as you would when meeting a new friend: you want to be polite, but you also want to be your natural self.

Links + Fillers: see description help.docx

categories = 3
words from the title
words from the description
who its for- men, women, teens, etc
events or holidays
my teams
my shop name
1-2 for current promotion: christmas in july, xmasXX, whatever

Tag idea list found the other day:
1. What is it (Category)
2. Sub-category
3. Sub-category
4. Main Materials
5. Method
6. Special Feature

1. Special Feature
2. Style
3. Location
4. Colors
5. Size
6. Shop Name

1. Etsy Team Tag
2. Location
3. Ship International
4. International spelling (Non-US)

see list of tags.txt for tag ideas.
(each month check treasury page, and etsy merchandising articles to change around tags)

4 Market the Item : This is an overview of the info I learned from the free Handemadeology Media Blitz e-course, with other steps I incorporated because I am also on Deviant art.

1. List your item
2. Write a blog post
3. Share your Etsy item on Facebook
4. Share your Etsy item on Twitter
5. Bookmark your item on the book marking sites: stumbleupon, Digg, kaboodle
6. Find one item on Etsy that’s not your own you like and bookmark it
7. Share your blog post on Facebook
8. Share your blog post on Twitter
9. Bookmark your blog post on the 4 book marking sites
10. Bookmark, Tweet, and share a blog post you like that is not your own.

#2 Blog post
After you have listed your item on Etsy and have properly set up your keywords (Simple Etsy SEO) , you want to write a blog post about your item. To keep things simple and save time, take the description that you already wrote and paste it right in your post. Make sure you are using the same words in your title that are in your item description. You can change it up some, but using the same keywords will help in the long run. You also want to locate one of your strong keywords and hyper link that word back to your actual item in your shop.

Add all the pictures from your item. You want to showcase your item, so make the pictures nice and large. Make sure you are adding your alt tags on the picture. This helps Google know what your pictures are about.

In this post you want to engage your readers. Ask them questions about your items. Do you like it? Is the price right? You have the ability to use your blog as a platform for feedback, so you should be using it.

This is also a good place to link back to other items that you have listed in your shop and have talked about on your blog. Again, use your keywords and hyper link your text.
(make the text clickable)


#3 Facebook link
change up the photo.
make sure title of link is complete.
maybe add a comment with it that is seo friendly


#4 Twitter link
use the long url as often as possible. so pix show.
include hash tags #etsy #etsyguy #handmadebot #madebyhandbot
#jewelry #fashion #shopping

Deviant Art
submit one photo
copy link and description


submit 1 photo
title it the same
copy some of the description
no linking.
tag the same as etsy
submits pix to flikr groups


Etsy Teasuries
make treasuries as often as possible.
and share them- blog…
make them front page worthy.

twitter hash tags for treasuries #etsy #etsy treasury #etsybot #shopping


post links to Etsy Team discussions


share every item, add a review to give more info about the item.
get more followers on stumbleupon by following them and share other cool stuff too.

kaboodle lists to share (subscribe to this list) (click to subscribe to this list) (click to subscribe to this list)

5 Sell and Ship (Customer Service)

1. as soon as I see that they ordered:
message a thank you.

2. compare the address on paypal vs etsy.
if different ask which one.
if no answer go with the one on Etsy.

3. package the item for looks and safety.

4. include business promotions- with enough to share.

5. double check address.

6. send off asap.

7. message that it was sent and include Delivery Confirmation number if

applicable. and ask that they give me feedback once their item arrives.

8. give them feedback.

6 Networking
keep following more people on Facebook and Twitter.

blog about other various topics and try to gain more readers.

comment on popular blogs to connect them.

maybe try that linky thing?

search for etsy blogs and comment on some of them to maybe gain readers.

favorite people on Deviant Art.

Free promotion to help fellow team members
Stumble fellow team members’ blog posts, treasuries, and items when time allows.

Deviant Art / Etsy_Deviants
continue to promote fellow EtsyDeviants on twitter.

pop into the team discussions every few days to keep up.
comment on other people so they’ll comment on me.

EtsyBloggers Team
pop into the team discussions every few days to keep up.

2 blog carnivals
1 monthly featured

Etsy Blog Team
pop into the team discussions every few days to keep up.

—————————————- The End

Hope I didn’t lose any of you. I know this post was long. But I wanted to help my fellow Etsy Sellers, and show everyone how much work goes into being an entrepeneur. It takes time, persevereance, and the will to make things happen.