With any online business your computer becomes a part of your studio. I’m constantly searching for business tips, inspiration, suppliers {and wishing I had more money for the gorgeous supplies I find}. But one has to sort and organize all the data associated with the business. I highly suggest that you start a folder to sort your files for your shop.

Keep in mind that it takes time to really find what folders work best for you. I started with one main folder just for Lizs Wares. Then slowly developed which subfolders I felt that I needed for the various files I write and collect. These files vary from saved blog posts that mention my shop to the cvs files downloaded from Etsy.

Here’s an picture showing my folder hierarchy:
To get a picture of your screen- Click on the window you want to copy. Hit “Alt” and “Print Screen” at the same time. Go to Paint, Photoshop or any similar program and paste. Then save.

Now for the explanations:

>1 Steps : this folder I created more recently to try to streamline the steps I take with each item. (I’ll get more into this in another post.)
>networking : here is where I list blog post ideas, and tips on blogging.
>Photo Fillers : Photos that are of packaging, studio, etc that help fill in blank photo spots in listings. This folder is currently empty but I had read an article about it and thought I should take more pictures to fit here.
>Shipping : here i have usps postal zone chart. But any tips on shipping and txt files of plans for shipping should go here.
>Shop Makeover Files : there’s been many articles about making over one’s shop, I’ve saved a few in this folder.
>the office : as you can see i have many sub folders under this. I track any account login info associated with my shop, Etsy invoices, important links, files of promo things I print when sending orders, statistics, team info. You see I have higlighted May’s marketing tracker. These doc files are invaluable to me. In them I track what I do everyday that affects my shop. If I post a link on Facebook, I write it in here. If someone hearts my shop I write it here. I also track how many people visit my shop. Seeing all this info in one place lets me know how my marketing is helping my shop.
>the scrapbook : here I save blog posts wrote about LizsWares by others, treasuries, pictures of my items under the appropriate seasonal line.
>the shop : Here i save the pictures for each item in its own subfolder in its appropriate category. The subfolders under ‘the shop’ are 1 Ready to list, 2 In Shop, 3 Sold, 4 Inactive, Listings help, Shop Setup.
>the workshop : here i write my ideas, and save inspiration. I would like to venture into sewing more. I would like to do home decor items and clothing. Today I was making a list of the steps I feel I need to do in order to accomplish creating these new shops. I also list supplies here.
>things to sort : here is various saved pages of tips I’ve collected over the past 2 years.

Although I am pretty organized on my computer, when it comes to my supplies that’s another story. I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to my shop in the past 2 years as I would have liked- day job gets in the way, lol. But I try to do what I can. I started off my shop slow and I don’t mind. I have many jewelry pieces I made that need to be photographed yet. I have a set of mannequin torsos on the way. I’m hoping that the weather will allow me to photograph as much as possible.

What I’d love to know is how do you sort your files associated with your shop?