I’ve been in quite a slump lately. Haven’t really gotten anything finished. Started a few projects but that’s about it. Well with spring around the corner I’ve began my seasonal ritual of sorting my clothes to see what I have and don’t have.

I pulled out last year’s spring/summer stuff, that I keep in a milk crate on my top closet shelf.
I found 2 pairs of shorts that are now too big (yay), a 2 piece suit that I detest due to water logging, some hats, and a few other items as well. So…

My Current Spring/Summer wardrobe consists of the following:
1. blue spaghetti strap sun dress
2. red dress swim suit cover up >might be able to pull off w/ sandals for a night look
3. 2 really short lounge shorts, that are basically only suitable for at home on really frickin hot days.
4. 2 hats that I like wearing.
5. my new black sandals!
6. tan diy a-line skirt I made a few years ago, and it fits!

In an effort to expand my wardrobe I decided to distress a pair of jeans that fit, but I really didn’t like them- they were hand me down skinny leg jeans that were already cut at the ankle by the previous owner. I’ll do a big write up of the jeans this week with a bunch of pix. I need a rougher grit sandpaper to really finish them off.

I’ve also made a huge wish list for clothing items I’d like to buy, and plan to at least get a few of the items.

I have a new pair of sneakers on the way.