I bought some resin recently to give it another go.

I bought Amazing Casing Resin from Hobby Lobby, and 2 molds the hearts & starts; the medium sized bangle.

I did 3 pours.

Pour #1: Amazing resin 6:19pm
1/4oz of hardner + 1/4oz of resin + yellow ceramcoat paint (acrylic paint for ceramics) + glitter
less than 1 min of stirring and it starting bubbling before i got it poured.
once the bubbles started the odor got worse as expected.
Filled 2 on heart star mold w/ extra in cup.
Looks too bubbly to be any good.
I thought the glitter or the paint accelerated the chemical reaction.

Pour #2: Amazing resin 6:26pm
half way between 1/8 and 1/4 of each + 5 drops red dye
then quickly poured into the molds >filled 3 on the heart star mold
6:29pm seeing a color change from red to pink- its starting to solidify.

Pour #3: Amazing resin 6:28pm
1/2 oz of resin + mixed in a shot of blue and silver acrylic paint + then 1/2 oz of hardener
Got it poured before it bubbled and watched as it moved up and down.

In hindsight, and after a bit of research, I come to realize the water in the acrylic paint got trapped in the resin which caused the bubbling.

So I don’t think I’ll use the acrylic paint anymore. I need to get some oil based paint.

Here’s a pic of the results:

So the yellow and the blue didn’t really turn out. but the pinks worked good.

*Next time I’ll try to get more pix.