Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to spend some holidays with our relatives.
Thanksgiving with aunt Jeanner and her family, some friends and family would stop in for around Christmas, But we usually reserved Christmas day for just me and dad.

We’d relax, open presents, if we hadn’t already. In the last 6 years we’ve developed our tradition of our holiday meal, its simple.

Our Holiday Meal
(We buy all our food from Walmart, although some years we were given a ham)
*Brown Sugar glazed Precooked Spiral Ham- small ones run about $18 to big about $25
*1 can Green Giant cut green beans
*stuffing or mashed potatoes
*dinner rolls- usually Aunt Millies

1. Cut off enough ham for the number of people your feeding, put in skillet and boil until reaches desired temp.
2. Cook stuffing as the directions say on the box.
3. Drain and cook green beans in a little sauce pan.
4. Heat dinner rolls in the oven.
5. Serve and enjoy.

Very easy meal.

Just remember it’s not what you eat, but who you eat it with.
Merry Christmas!