On Sunday me and my dad tackled the task of making a dry erase board from a glass picture frame. Sadly we had to improvise as we didn’t have a staple gun so we used trusty duct tape. So although my board is not fancy it’ll do the job for now.

First removed the hanging hardware. then (not pictured) dad helped me remove all the paper, 2 layers of staples, and removed glass from inner frame.

Cushioned the glass with a towel on the desk, on front side of glass drew the grid and words with dry erase. Turned it over traced everything on to the back with permanent marker. Missed the errors, should have cleaned w/ nail polish remover. and should have cleaned back side of glass first, oops.

Then dad helped me put it back together- he helped because he was worried that the glass would break. then since no staple gun, we used the force! I mean duct tape, lol.

Here it is all mounted on Wednesday. Had to pick up the anchor bolts.