What is always inspiring you for your shops, your works, or anything in your life??

For my wares, what inspires me most is my supplies. I can dig through my supplies and see something new to make. For example the other week my grandma gave me some various craft supplies, and one items was a pack of wooden dowels. They reminded me of hair sticks. I had never made hair sticks before, but I found a few tutorials and went to work on them.

Looking at various fabric inspires me too. I can match a fabric with a pattern I have or tutorial I find and say “That would look great.” Now if I could just find the time to make those items 😛

I’m always finding inspiration for themes and color schemes on Etsy, and the various bead sites I visit for supplies.

For decor ideas I love watching the HGTV. I’ll browse online for decor ideas too.
I have a bunch of folders dedicated to decor inspiration. I’ve even saved pix form Martha Stewart site to inspire something to make later. I keep the catalogs I get in the mail for inspiration for later as well.

One site I found that I love is http://ana-white.com/
aka knock off wood. She has tons of wood plans for furniture that looks like something you’d buy from pottery barn. I’ve saved many pages from her site for later to make.