Ghosts, witches, and vampires oh my!

With turning 25 on the 8th, I’ve been reminiscing about my youth, specifically the falls.

1. fresh apple cider
As a kid my dad would take me to the local orchard too buy fresh apple cider, not the junk in the store that has preservatives. We’d buy 1 or 2 gallon sized jugs, and leave the money in the box on the table. It was sooo good!

Even as I kid I thought “I am so bringing my kids here!”
Sadly that orchard shut down. I’m hoping to find another close by that also makes cider.

Heres a link to Michigan orchards:

2. My birthday!
As I get older i see that birthdays are becoming less important as I get older.
Less people give gifts. But I still love to say “hey its my birthday!”

3. Less bugs
With the weather cooling down some, there are less bugs buzzing around. I dont like bugs.

4. Hoodies!
Although I love to strut my stuff in the summer, I love hoodies! and fall is the best weather to wear them in.

5. The Colors!
I love how the leaves change colors.

6. and of course, who could forget, HALLOWEEN!
the candy, the decorations, the costumes, the history!
Halloween is by far in my top 3 favorite holidays.