And on with the project!

Session 2 was just finishing up primer on the edges.

While the primer was drying I was planning my layout of the flowers.
I was contemplating spattering the colors on the background then painting the flowers on.
Or, the plan I’m going with, layout the flowers in a pattern and paint vines with leaves connecting them.

This session, which was almost 2 hours, was just placement and painting the flowers.

I have to say this is really fun, when its an easy design. Only thing is my living room is very cold right now. With a concrete floor, cracks everywhere, and facing west- Fall and winter hit my apartment very hard. So my feet are freezing! lol

But anyhow, I’d say the floor cloth is coming along very nicely.

Here’s a during and after shot

Still to do:
-paint vines and leaves
-buy polyurethane and do 3 coats at least
-let dry really well

*Psst… expect to see this floor cloth in my shop when its all finished!