My swirl floor cloth will be trial #1, and is on the ‘back burner’ for now.

This is Trial #2- flower floor cloth.

The first thing I had to do is apply primer to the entire 6×9 canvas.

I’m working on this project in my living room in my apartment. Room is about 10 by14.
Plus i have my desks, a cot which is the “couch” at the moment. among some other furniture.


Steps taken during session 1
1. change into painting clothes. any clothes your not worried about getting messy.
2. clear a workspace. I wish i had more walking space around the canvas while i was working on it. I didn’t move the cot to the corner until afterward.
3. Lay down plastic to protect the concrete floor. I wish the plastic i had (which was previously used for winterizing windows) had been a wider piece.
4. open up freshly bought supplies. I had never opened a can of paint before or used a roller before. But i quickly got the hang of it. Poured primer into paint can. got the roller wet with the primer.
5. cover canvas with primer being sure to get it all the same color. Due to the smallness of the plastic my next session will have to include finishing up the edges with primer.

Took 1 hour to get this far.


Having the space to work in, the time, and the courage to try is the hardest part of any craft.