I was looking online for a white rug with pretty black design. I couldn’t find any that I liked.
It was hard to even find a simple white rug in the size I wanted.

So I looked up how to make rugs, and I stumbled upon floor cloths.

So I went to home depot bought some paint, primer. Bought some canvas.
I found a design a fancy swirl, that I thought was gorgeous.

I printed it out to have a ‘stencil’ to work from.
Problem #1- I got half way through the design and ran out of ink! lol

So i looked online for a projector. I found a nice one.

But I’ll put my swirl floor cloth on the back burner for now.

I’m thinking I’ll do a simple flower floor cloth instead.
I drew up a simple flower and leaf.
I plan to use the Martha Stewart paint I bought.
The colors are: “Aegean Blue” (blue), “Sea Glass” (green), “Heath” (brown).

Will post pix once I start working on it.

If I put these into production {ie. my shop} I will definitely invest in the projector.
It would allow me to do custom designs a lot easier.