Patch is a super friendly, sweet and talented member of our team! She has been an EtsyBlogger since April of 2009, and has had such a wonderful impact on the team! She is a very supportive teammate, she’s always around at our team locations and events. You’ll find her on our teammates blogs, the team blog, popping into our weekly forum thread quite often, and keeping up with her bloggy peeps! Patch has also recently taken on a team event, the “EtsyBloggers Weekly Team Treasury” – and what a great excitement this has brought to the team! Everyone looks forward to treasuries, and thanks to Patch we now have them organized weekly!

She has 3 shops!! Such a busy woman.

Her first shop – a jewelry shop has beauties such as the following

Her second shop – a vintage shop has wonderful items such as

Her third shop– a supply shop has cute baubles like these

Plus she has 2 blogs!
Wedding Guide Blog –

Go check out her wonderful pages!