I got the idea from the form that Craftomania toolbar uses for team membership.

Under it in tiny print was the following link to create your own form:

I followed and created a survey for my customers.
I linked it in the notes to buyer under appearances.

Creating a survey for your customers is a great way to receive feedback on
your shop.

You should ask questions like
*How did you find my shop?
*for what occasion did you make your purchase?
*for whom did you make your purchase?
(niece, sister, friend, yourself)
*what sections/items did you like at my shop?
*what would you like to see more of at my shop?
*what did u buy today?

Keep it short easy to answer.
Surveys should take no more than 5 minutes to answer.
otherwise they won’t want to answer them.

Be sure to thank them for their time as it is valuable.

Not everyone will click the link and answer your survey.
Some people are too busy, or don’t like surveys.
That’s OK. Any answers you get can help you with repeat business at your shop.

Below is my survey to provide you with an example