Right, now its too costly to invest in the black boxes I was using for packaging.
I may offer a few around Christmas time for the gift giving. And will do gift wrap and an altered invoice so there are no prices shown.

But after looking through many ideas I’ve decided to use pillowboxes cut from cardstock and placed in a bubble mailer. I can write do not flatten on it- or something to that effect.

this is the sketch I’ll print out. I have a couple packs of various colored cardstock. I also include a promo set in every package.

The promo set consists of:
-2 business cards, one for customer & one to share
-2 to 4 bookmarks, currently printed on copy paper, to keep and share
-tweet cloud with twitter address info on back

I’m working on including more.

I have to determine how much this will change my shipping costs or if it will. I still plan to do delivery confirmation for US shipments. I don’t do my shipping online so that is .80 for me.