The question for today is “Of all the places in the world, where would you like to go and why?”

I would have to say that I would love to spend a month bouncing around Europe.
That would be my dream vacation, an expensive one, but would still be awesome!

I love castles. It would be amazing to go see them up close and perhaps get to walk through a few of them. So I would search for a castle tour or just mark castles on my map.

Would love to visit a European flea market! Hmm I wonder if they have yard sale days in any towns, like we do? That would be fun too, to go to a yard sale in a different country!

The art! I love art! So I’d most likely visit a couple museums.

I love looking at the architectural design of various buldings. Small houses, big houses, churches, castles. The older buildings have such class and different styles. I just have an lust for perusing the architectural beauties.

Harry Potter related tourist spots! I love the harry potter phenomenon and to visit the “sets” would be awesome!

I would go from country to country, and since its quite easy to do so I’d probably spend a day or two in each country. So my trip would need to be a month or two, he he.

Off to peruse other European highlights.