I’m loving today’s Etsy Finds on Library themed items!

All through school I loved reading. I felt at home in the library. I the 5th grade I wasn’t doing my homework on time (naughty I know). So they took recess away from me and sent me, with others, to what I called the “Dungeon” but was actually the old girl’s locker room with desks in it. I would spend the time either doing my work or reading Goosebumps!

Then my senior year I was a library aid. I would help the kids check out books, then it was mostly free time- playing with the laminating machine, reading the restricted books (Sailor Moon graphic novel :P), watching Scooby Doo before lunch.

My reading habits have changed since school. But I still dream of creating my own little library/study when I have a house.

Here’s some cool library things I’ve come across:

Although its already sold, I would love a card catalog for my craftroom.

I’ve seen these before, they are so cute!