Today’s interview is of sophinegiam

1. Tell us a bit about yourself name, location, affiliations, personal stuff.

I’m Sophine Giam, a full time crafter since Aug 09.

Everyone calls me Sophine; at least 20 times a day at my last job:

‘Sophine, copier jam! Help!’
‘Sophine, I broke down the compactor, am I going to die? Because the note says you break, you die.’ Etc.

Why is my name being called so many times a day? My standard answer is because I am too free and always gets the job nobody wants to do. LOL!

However, I am honored to be the ‘default’ panic button at my work place. Making people’s working environment as easy and comfortable as possible for everyone is something I enjoy.

I left my job in Aug 09, receiving a booklet instead of a farewell card with all their well wishes. They said a card would not have enough space for their wishes! I was so touched that I couldn’t turn off my tears tap. I have never expected to be so appreciated by them. My work ethic is that this is my job; I am being paid, so I have to give my best. I was very surprised that everything I have done was noticed! I have never expected that I held an esteemed place in their heart.

Up till today, it still touches my heart each time I read the booklet. I name it ‘My little book of Excellence’.
I left my last job as Executive/Office Manager

2. Apart from creating things, what do you do?

Housework! Hahaha! I have this cleanliness syndrome that ensures I keep every part of my house spotless. I have 4 lovely Pomeranians. People are surprised their fur does not cover my house!

Beside housework, I groom, cook and play with my 4 Pomeranians! I love them dearly, so much that I have actually spoiled them rotten 😉 They are about 5 & 6 years old now.

3. Please describe your creative process how, when, materials, etc.

I organize all my materials in colors. So I just grab my materials based on color coordination, place them in front of me and ‘mix & match’. I don’t take much time to create. My ideas just flow.

For example, I would start with the concept of ‘blue earrings’ and begin crafting a few. Necklaces, bracelets usually follow afterwards.

This is my crafting cycle: creating, taking pictures, writing up descriptions and listing. The whole process takes around 2 weeks. And the whole process starts again after I have finished listing everything. ‘Rest day?’ I think this phrase has been absent from my dictionary a long time ago. Hahaha!
Work = play = fun = rest, this is my formula!


4. What led you to start creating your art/craft?

There is always a reason, situation, tragedy or opportunity when one’s work path makes a change. I would say I love all my jobs with no regrets and each change is being forced upon.

5. How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

I believe everyone has an affinity towards certain elements. I don’t have any particular medium in preference; I simply like to explore pretty things.


[Insert a peak at a work in progress {promote before its even listed). Or just more shots of supplies and studio setup. Don’t link.]

6. What aspect of creating your art/craft do you find the most enjoyable?

When the results show expected quality in terms or color, length, weight, usability, practicality and lovability. The completion of a satisfying jewelry is most enjoyable for me.


[ if you have a picture of cherished item insert here ]


7. List five of your favorite books, movies, songs/musical groups, and web sites besides Etsy.

My favorite books/Authors are:
1. Books written by my teacher, Mrs Too 😉
Her books are my all time favorite, I like her kindness and the sharing of her knowledge with the world.

2. Books written by Dr Nicolas Perricone
This is my beauty Bible, I almost memorized everything Dr Perricone has mentioned in the book!

3. ‘Marley & me’
This is a book that really touches my heart and let any dog lovers to have a better understanding of their dog. I want to comment that the author is really a very loving and patient person; I though people like him already extinct in the world!

8. How do you organize your business? Such as finances, keeping track of supplies and marketing etc?

I have a room as my workshop at home. I converted my ex-dancing room into a craft workshop. (I was a dance instructress at my first job) There is a built-in cabinet which I store my packaging material and stock-up materials. Two other standing cabinets where all my supplies are kept and organized in colors. I have a ‘dinning’ table bought from Ikea as my work desk and I really like this ‘super big’ table! And I have a wall of mirrors to check on my new creations 😉

9. How well is your shop doing? How long has it been open? Number of sales? Number of visits?

My sales were slow when I first started in Mar 09. It gets better when I go full time into in Aug 09. But I think I have not done enough, and am still learning. To me, my shop’s performance has a lot of room for improvement.

10. What do you think you’re doing right for getting the sales you have? Or what tips do you have for other Etsy sellers?

Honesty and sincerity will reach out to customers and maybe I am a little superstitious, but I also believe in luck and karma. When times are good; it is luck, when times are bad; I am burning bad karma.

11. How do you promote your work, on and off-line?

I have set aside a budget for advertisement. I buy showcases and advertise in Project Wonderful.

12. In ten years I’d like to be…

Ten years younger. Haha! I think this is my only target; staying young.

I don’t really have dreams or any goals because they don’t seem to work for me. I believe luck plays an important role in life. There are people who are born stupid but are lucky; and people who are born talented without luck. This is why we have plenty of frustrated geniuses all over the world!

I am self-motivated and give only the best that I can give. I am happy to put in my best effort. This said, I do not expect anything in return because being happy itself is my reward. So I don’t have any dreams or targets. But in 10 years’ time I believe I am still self-motivated and tougher! (Don’t mess with me… Hahaha, just kidding)

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