I ran across the link to a thread post in the Etsy forums from the Etsy Success Newsletter.

The topic was “favorite non business card promo ideas”

I compiled the list of possibilities to save some of you some time:
[[ Bold tips are my additions for more information]]

  1. “i am thinking of making matchbook style mini notepads with my logo and web info.” – 22pages
  2. “I’ve looked at calender magnets. They’re useful and if people put them on their fridges it would be a constant reminder of your shop.” – DearDacy
  3. “I’m doing bookmarks this year. Now that I have a printer with pigmented inks (water resistant) I don’t have to laminate them… lamination is expensive and time consuming. Use to sell the laminated ones, now I can make them and give them away.” – StarglowStudio
  4. “I am starting to like business cards again after seeing this catapult tutorial on instructables 🙂
    http://www.instructables.com/id/Cardapult-the-Business-Card-Catapult/” – 5by5
  5. “I am stealing/promoting this idea. As in, it’s not mine!:I just got some art from TursiArt and she included little “trading cards” of some of her work! So awesome! I’m probably going to keep them instead of passing them out, but it got me talking!” – diggerbren
  6. “… i love artist trading cards, what a great idea! were they in envelopes?”- 22pages Some extra info I’ve found about ATCs: http://www.cedarseed.com/air/atc.html http://www.ruthannzaroff.com/mirkwooddesigns/atcenvelope.htm http://marybethcryan.blogspot.com/2007/12/atc-envelope-free-download.html http://desktoppub.about.com/od/envelopes/tp/Blank_Craft_Envelope_Templates.htm?rd=1
  7. “Book marks. (I’m a librarian by day.)” – Jansjems
  8. “I think magnets are a good bet. If a magnet makes it onto my fridge it can be there for YEARS.” – paulandkatestudio Places to have magnets professionally made: http://www.bizcard.com/product/magnets http://www.vistaprint.com/custom-magnets.aspx?GP=1%2f6%2f2010+1%3a16%3a53+AM&rd=2 http://www.customizemagnets.com/
  9. “I buy a lot of vintage sewing buttons, looking for the ones special enough for my line.In the quest, I sometimes buy lots that include less extraordinary one. They’re nice, but not nice enough to take the time to photograph, write up and post as a listing.

    These become my Promo. I make them into hair accessories and tag them in the same way as my ones for sale. Then I put them in a little plastic bag, along with a $2.00 Off coupon card.” – TalismanStudios {{ This is the sample approach- not a bad idea when you can get the supplies needed cheaper & in bulk }}

  10. “OH, I forgot to mention… for this year I’m also having some acrylic items laser cut. Last year, Ed from http://www.etsy.com/shop/lasercut lasered me some packaging last year… little 1 inch acrylic discs with my website and copyright running around the edge (that was when I was still making clay tie-tack pins.) There was a hole in the middle to where I put the pin through and fastened it. ANYWAY they were so incredibly cool! So recently I had him laser one of my portraits on a piece of clear acrylic and it was fantastic. So I’m planning to make up some 3″ rounds with my portraits (and information running around the outer edge of course) to give as a special promo piece “coaster”. Of course they won’t be just for anyone because of the expense, but it will certainly not get thrown away.” – StarglowStudio Keep in mind your promo costs, you can add that cost into the price of your items- the packaging costs! Don’t let promos get you into debt by not accounting for their costs. This is especially important when your promos cost you quite a bit. {{ Small example- you buy a $4 pack of card stock- 50 pages. You make 4 bookmarks from each page. And you include 4 bookmarks in each package so they can pass them to friends *Encourage them to do so in your thank you card. So $4 = 50 packages worth of bookmarks. That comes up to $.08. The envelope you use to send is $2. You print your own labels, so tack on $ .10 for ink and paper. So we’re up to to $2.18. It takes you 30 minutes to package, label, and send out at post office- so say at least that your handling charge round things off to $4 for packaging and handling- That’s reasonable. If you don’t think so, think of it this way- if someone was paying you to do all that work for them for everyone of their packages how much would YOU want to be paid?
  11. “Since I also make origami cards, I usually include a mini 3×3″ origami card with my orders. People can give them with their jewelry purchase or keep them for another time. Hopefully it will make them want to come back to buy a full-sized card!”- OhanaGlassDesigns
  12. “I had temporary tattoos made of my logo (which is also my avatar here). The original use for them was to replace the face-painting during our big open house / farm tour weekend last fall. They were a big hit and now I hand out the extras at craft shows when kids come along or to people who buy kid’s items. I had a group visit yesterday and each kid got a tattoo. When I asked the kids if they wanted a tattoo – their first question was “is it an alpaca?” so I’m sure they’ll put it on and show their friends! They even got to meet the alpaca on the tattoo as he is our herdsire and in our barn.” – HollyhockAlpacas
  13. “I was sending 1″ buttons for a while, then mini-notebooks (matchbook sized) but I’m liking the bookmark idea… Mostly because I always forget to keep a bookmark with my book and end up using a scrap of paper, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a handmade bookmark with my shop logo on it :)” – lostmitten
  14. “i was thinking about maybe doing a collaborative flyer with some other etsy shops. Everyone trades pictures and ads, and then when you do shows, each group will have a flyer that advertises not only your shop, but others as well. And you are getting promo time from shows that you aren’t even in because the other shops are handing them out as well. So you can increase your promo radius exponentially. Just make sure you do it with shops that you trust and have good relationships with so that you can trust that everyone is doing it together.” – ForestCreations This is a good twist on”business card sharing” you can include the flyers in your packages as well. Excellent idea for Teams!
  15. “I’ve been making notecards/greeting cards out of my scrap handwoven lace and including them with my orders. My web address is on the back of the card.” – NutfieldWeaver
  16. “I thought about little glass magnets. Easy to make.” – mpressdesigns
  17. “I bought a button maker for this pupose and it has paid off. I hand out buttons at shows that say things like “shop local” and “I just bought local art” or “I support local artists”. They have my info at the bottom. People are amazed that they are “free” and they pin them on right there. I have people coming in because they want a “free” button and they usually look around and buy something.” – Claybykim
  18. “I received an envelope of business cards from etsy shops in an order recently. It instructed me to take the ones I wanted, add mine, and send with my next order to a shop owner. I thought that was good, though it limits the exposure to fellow sellers.” – KinderCotton A twist to broaden the exposure is to say “hand out to friend you think would like these” – or “post extras on local bulliten boards”. For a business card sharing at fairs you could have a bowl of other sellers cards with a sign “Visit other handcrafted shops!” OR if you have bags your giving your customers add your business cards/promos in them and could include other shops cards/flyers.
  19. “I just have traditional business cards and some stickers with my name and website.
    I know a lot of people do post cards (which I think would be soo expensive, eeek.) and I’d really like to make some tiny pins but I feel like they will get lost and not make a statement.” – KatieGariepy
  20. “I use moo.com mini business cards with pics from my etsy shop. I have ladies who dig through my cards to find their favorite then take another for a friend. Very personal, very memorable. I’ve had several shop owners and people I’ve never met contact me after being given my card by a customer. I use them as earring cards and jewelry tags as well. I like the button idea, too.” – HurricaneCarrie
  21. “I give aceo prints of my drawings.” – artisticle aceo prints are usually 4×6 inches
  22. “I just do business cards for small purchases, but for larger purchases here & on ebay I send them a pen, with my web site, ebay & etsy addys on it.
    everybody can use a pen……
    they end up costing about .39 each from national pen, I usually buy them at the buy 150, get 150 free promo’s, then online it will offer you an additional quantity (say 100) for xx.xx, whichm when you add up all the pens, divided by the price. shipping & set up fee, works out to about .39 each.
    they also have items for a bit less like in the ,25 range.
    By the time I pay for a typical order of say about 400 pens I pay something like 137.00 total (rough estimate figures). It’s kinda alot at one time, but I only have to order maybe twice a year.
    I wish I could send them in EVERY order, but I can’t. If I do have regular customers who say buy 10.00 at a time after say the 3rd purchase I’ll send them a pen.
    Mine are purple holographic outside with white writing & blue ink.” – lowe40 Other places that sell pens also: http://www.pensrus.com/ http://www.pens.com/pens/business-promotional-pens http://www.pensxpress.com/xpresssticktc.html
  23. “I like to send product samples with a link to a survey monkey survey, offering a discount towards a future purchase as a token of appreciation if they take the time to take my survey. Most people take the survey AND come back to buy whatever I sent a sample of. (-: I know samples don’t work for every seller, but if you do a consumable product, a sample is a huge perk for a buyer, and even a teeny sample brings results.” – picnicbasketcrafts
  24. “Pencils with my shop name on them 🙂 I got them from Oriental Trading’s website. Really cheap little gifts for shoppers!” – kristimcmurry

  25. i had another idea of making magnets out of old wooden poker chips or ceramic domino chips. something that small that i could maybe find used to go with the theme of my shop.at some point i thought it would be fun to offer a illustrated mini guide “creative ways to re-use everyday”.
    but am wondering if that would be too preachy.” – 22pages Mini guides area good idea, especially “Ways to wear…” and “How to care for…” type of guides.
  26. “I made a brochure up of my work (8.5 x 11 inches printed 2 sides in color and folded in three – you could make them on your home printer) – I have handed those out at craft shows and people seem to like them.” – windyriver
  27. “Decoupage clothespins…, I’ve included these from time to time, with shipped out orders… ” – ElegantHobbies
  28. “I include stickers with every shipment. 1,000 cost me just over $300. They are bumper sticker quality and can be placed anywhere.I get a thrill seeing the sticker on someone’s car that I do not know.- MerCurios
  29. ” I usually give out a small sampling of stationery.” – ohmancreations
  30. My ideas I posted. “… But currently bookmarks, twitter cloud (http://tweetcloud.com/), and I put together a new thank you card.At first i just did a 2×3 pics of card stock and wrote thank you with a message and a small stamp of my shop name and address. Now my thank you card is about 3.5 x 3.5 with “Thank you from” in a fancy script, “Lizs Wares in Dungeon my font used on my banner”, with a free clip-art castle in one corner, and my shop address in the other.

    My first bookmarks were on regular computer paper, but I’ve recently invested in plain white & pastel card stock.

    other options to try:
    * Flyers- http://cr8tivity.com/ -just type in id and go to helpers.
    * could do little cards of your Etsy mini
    * brochures- i believe Microsoft word has the option of downloading a template.
    Just play around in your favorite paint program for ideas. you could create a mini booklet portfolio.

    You have to entice your potential customers.
    Whatever you hand them needs to be fun and professional.
    You want your shop name to stick in thier mind: so write it at least 3 times in your package or on the promos you hand out at fairs.

    People remember things in their long-term memory when they’ve read/said it 3 times or more.

    People remember things in their long-term memory when they’ve read/said it 3 times or more.

    People remember things in their long-term memory when they’ve read/said it 3 times or more.” – Me, Liz’s Wares

Some more ideas I suggest
Research: check out
for Etsy artists advertising examples- don’t ripp them off, but let their inspiring works jog your creativity.

List the type of promos you’d like to use & then play around in your favorite paint programs to come up with some ideas.