I came across this post this morning and decided to write my own resolutions for 2010.

Now, stepping back my goals in 2009 were.
1. To start my Etsy shop- did.
2. Make a sale- did made 2.
3. Market my shop as much as possible- did.
with the help of the marketing tracker sheet i can do this much easier.
4. get my Etsy related stuff organized- did for the computer. but my room is another story, lol.
5. improve my photography- have some, but would still like to improve on it.

My Resolutions For 2010

1. First and foremost HAVE Fun!
I started making jewelry as a hobby to make myself happy and I should continue to do so.

2. Make more sales.
This is always a goal for all Etsy shops. For 2009 i did 2 sales so I’m sure i can reach that before the end of 2010. My Goal? 4 sales a month would be a nice start for my first year of selling.

3. Improve photography – quality and quantity.
Take better pictures and More pictures.
I’d like to photograph at least 3 items a week.

4. List more often.
The more items in a shop the more appealing the shop is. and the more possible sales.
My goal- list 3 or more items a week.

5. Continue to create in a timely manner.
My goal 7 or more items finished each week. I’ve been doing this pretty good for December of 2009. So it shouldn’t be a problem for 2010.

6. Attend at least one craft show.

7. Save back money made for a house.
Relates to business by what I want to use my profits for.