Today’s top five was picked from the members list of Etsy bloggers!
“My Etsy shop is filled with items for the school years. Find items for preschool, elementary and even the highschool years; as well as luggage tags that are great for keeping important information or identifying school bags or luggage.”
aprons, backpacks, bookmarks, etc. Very nice shop.
To see Veryverdant’s blog visit here.
Cute stuff for the kids!
“Welcome to Two Zany Zebras, home of the Zarkles, where I specialize in all things zany! Wondering what in the world is a Zarkle? They are whimsical creatures that are part of the Zarkle family. Each Zarkle has it’s own unique name and personality. They can be a comfort at night and help keep all the scary things at bay. Zarkles can also be found on bodysuits, t-shirts, bags, blankets, burp cloths, wipes, and hot/cold ouchy bags. Two Zany Zebras also specializes in the Zany Cuddle Blankie, Super Zany Blankie, and Zany Pocket Blankie.”
Also visit twozanyzebras blog here.
Various handmade bags. Backpacks, totes, messenger bags.
Check out TiLTcreations blog here.
“Hi! We are Karen and Tina (hence the k and t in our name) and we are long time close friends. We started this idea by making tote bags for ourselves to take to the grocery store instead of plastic. When people started asking us where we got them, we decided to bring them to the rest of the world.

We have started adding new items to expand our shop offerings. Tina has been crocheting for many years and makes beautiful scarves, shawls, hats and wraps. We have also added cloth sunhats because Karen has to wear hats all year round and, if you have to wear a hat, at least make it cute, right? Karen has been painting and drawing since she was very young so she will be offering her artwork for sale.”
Check out their blog here.
“creative accessories for creative minds”
Altered clipboards, bookmarks, fold books, note books, tags, note cards sets.
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