Every so often I pop into the forums on Etsy to post in some topics. So far I’ve only gone to the promotion and critique boards.

Here’s my results from posting in the critique boards:

Would the avatar above make you click?
dspdavey says: lizs – I would click to find out what other colourful items were instore!

Have You Seen
dreamdesignart says:
Lizs, never seen your shop, but that’s just because I don’t search much for jewelry. But beautiful items you have!!! love the iceblue earings…
Posted at 4:58 am, November 14 2009 EST

Pick A Front Page Worthy Item From The Shop Above
LifeThroughOurEyes says:
i’d choose this one 🙂
Sapphire Faux pearl jewelry set
Posted at 4:00 am, November 14 2009 EST

What Stops You From Buying From The Shop Above RIGHT THIS MINUTE NOW!
JesseMosher says:
I am not in the need for jewelry at the moment . I do think you have some nice work , and I see it selling for Holiday gifts as well as just for oneself .
One thing is it is hard to see the item with the backgrounds and pics are a bit dark .

Also confused as to the black bar in last photo on listings
I enlarged it and saw that it might behow they are packaged ?
That photo needs to have more detail , hard to tell what it is . It is really hard to get that detail when an item is all black , I know , but give i a try – or in after shooting manipulation with photoshop or similar program
Posted at 4:31 am, November 14 2009 EST

*Note- I have since fixed the pictures in my shop.

critique the 1st listing in the shop above…
tractorgirl says:
lizswares, your wooden flower pendant is not really my cup of tea, but it is quite evocative of summer-islandy-things.
I think your price is quite reasonable too. Good luck with it.
Posted at 2:47 am, October 25 2009 EST

EmiciBridal says:
Hi! First off I love that you use your photos available. That is something that I don’t do very often and I really should! Also I like that the hematite (something that I often take to look masculine) was paired with a butterfly and pearls. That took this piece in a completely unexpected direction for me. =) Bravo
Posted at 12:04 am, November 27 2009 EST

List one great thing about the shop above you…
love the beadwork. looks like fun. goodjob keeping it bright!

cksilver says:
I love your shop! Beautiful jewelry, nice banner, excellent shop announcement. Wonderful!
Posted at 12:05 am, November 27 2009 EST

Critique the newest listing in the shop above you
(at the time it was teen necklace http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=35249917)
expressions123 says:
lizs, a teen will like the necklace but there isn’t any real action in your photo. I’m not getting the feel of the pendant and its colors.
Posted at 1:55 am, November 26 2009 EST

What should the seller above your make more of
BisouVanRianne says:
Lizswares: The blue mother of pearl earrings! Maybe with a big colorful bead in the middle?
Bisou van Rianne

Would you pay the prices on the shop above
KendraJKantor says:
LizsWares- only for a special occasion
I really like http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=33574705
“Fairytale Crackle beads and Blue cross necklace”
not jewelery i could buy just to wear “for fun” it would have to have a real purpose

*due to this post and lack of sales, I began lowering some of my prices. and trying to make other items in lower price points, many of which I will try to post soon.